Wolf Wines

A very secluded and cool location. Visited here one cool autumn’s eve. As me and the party I came with walked up to the entrance of this little winery house in the forest, we heard what sounded like a wolf howling in the distance. Fitting but quite ironic to occur just as we were entering a place name Wolf Wines.

I fairly sure they was a speaker system set up outside as a way of greeting visitors. But the owner denied it with a smile on his face.

Anyways, the combination of the autumn night and the wine made for a great experience.

Wolf Winery NC

Wolfe Wines



Below we speak a little more specific on the wines here and if you would like driving directions to this NC winery in the city of Snow Camp you can find a map towards the bottom of the page. This establishment is about 25 miles west of Raleigh.


Most bottles of wines here are in the $14-16 range. They do have one bottle of wine price at $30 and this is a Wild Blackberry Reserve and one of my buddies took a bottle of this home with him.

I believe a glass of wine at the winery is in the $4-5 range. I did sample the blackberry wine mentioned above and it had a delicious tangy taste.

You will find Reds, Whites and fruit wines at Wolf Winery. It seems as though they specialize more in fruit wines.

If I remember correctly, including the berry wine I mentioned above, there was also: Cherry, apple, blackberry, kiwi, strawberry.

But for you traditional wine drinkers they also have a Chardonnay and a couple very good red wines.   


What type of events will you find at Wolf Winery?

Occasionally they will have a musical event. And they seem to like to make the entire day and nights out of their, usually starting in mid afternoon and running until 8 or 9 o’clock at night.


Besides on days where they is an event going on at the winery, I’m not aware of any regular food they offer.

This winery near Raleigh does have a beautiful forest like setting. If you would like to visit you can find your direction below on the map. Just click the red marker and enter your starting location.

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