Winston Salem Restaurants

Below you will find a list of the best restaurants in Winston-Salem. The list will not include all the restaurants in the city, only the preferred and highest rated. 

Also, while reading our list of preferred restaurants please be aware many restaurants open and close without too much notice. We will try to correct our reviews as we become aware of these occurrences.

We try to cover all the bases. We know different people want different styles of foods.

So we try to include a wide range of restaurants in our list: Seafood, the best steakhouses, sushi, best restaurant for vegans and vegetarians and even pubs with the best food. And so much more as we do our research.

So instead of listening us talk anymore about what restaurant in Winston Salem we will include in our list of the most preferred restaurants you should just scroll down the page and see for yourself.

Each restaurant on the list has a link to a more specific review with a map for directions and a description of the menu, pricing and more.

 Restaurant Special note Price
Ryans Steak Chops and Seafood  Great restaurants with views of the woods and flowing streams. Excellent menu. For more specifics on what to except here, read the review and also get directions.  $$$$$
Foothills Brewing Great place in Winston Salem for a wide selections of handcrafted brews. Also a good sandwich and hamburger menu. There’s a wide selection of salads and a few great entrees to choose from. See more information on Foothills Brewing. $$$$$
Hutch and Harris Pub  A combination of fine dining and drinks in Winston Salem. Read more about this Pub  $$$$$
Willow’s Bistro Great service, a relaxing environment and the freshest seafood in the city. Also a great drinks list, beer, wine and martinis. Fair prices. Read more $$$$$
Sweet Potatoes Great Southern Cuisine in a friendly environment. The best fried green tomatoes in Winston Salem. Also a great Sunday brunch starting at 10:30 am. Read our review for more information. $$$$$
Downtown Thai Restaurant Located in the downtown area of Winston-Salem. This is a very clean restaurant with a great atmosphere and service. Read what recently customers think $$$$$
The Tavern in Old Salem If you are looking for a historical setting to dine in this would be the #1 choice. $$$$$
Mellow Mushroom  Pizza and beer in Winston-Salem. Find directions to your net favorite place to eat!!!  $$$$$

Looking for discounts at Winston Salem Restaurant?

When we find discounts offered for the restaurants in this area you will find links to the discounts on the individual restaurant review pages. Its always great to take advantage of discounts and we love finding these for you.

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