Winery Wedding in Ocean Isle Beach NC

If your mind is set on finding a unique wedding venue in Ocean Isle Beach then you will find a great suggestion on this page. If you happen to have any suggestions please leave a comment below as it may help others find what they are looking for.

Wedding ceremony, reception and rehearsal dinner. 

There are indeed many different wedding venues in this city and many of these are also really nice (we will list these others below), but one of the most unique places for your wedding is a winery. Have you ever attended a wedding at winery on the coast of North Carolina? We have one suggestion where the vineyards are surrounded by lush woodlands. This makes a great setting for your day.

Silver Coast Winery Weddings

Besides being a unique setting this is also a friendly, hospitable place which provides excellent service for all three:  Wedding ceremonies, receptions and rehearsal dinners. Find a video and image below.

The first half of the video will show you the inside of the winery where the dinners and receptions are mostly held and the second half will show you what Silver Coast looks like from the outside where you can have your ceremony on the grounds or under a big tent. If interest you will find contact information below.

Address: 6680 Barbeque Rd NW, Ocean Isle Beach, NC ‎ Phone: (910) 287-2800

The weddings held here are for parties of up to 130 people. I’m sure if you have 135 they can make an exception.

If interested in learning more about the wedding prices then you will need to call the above telephone number to inquire directly. Note: To get the most accurate pricing you will want to be able to give a good estimate of the number of guests that will attend and also how long (hours) you plan to rent the facility.

Or send an email with your questions to:

The outside environment is beautiful, the video below will provide you with a look

Below is a picture of the grounds at the winery. Not a great picture, too out of focus, the land looks so dry but trust me the nature that surrounds this winery and vineyards is very lush…  You can see the building is somewhat large . On the Silver Coast Winery you can view a lot of great full color pictures of past weddings that have taken place here.We didn’t want to steal pictures from their site and put them on ours.

Silver Coast Winery Wedding

Read our full review of this coastal winery

Other Wedding Venues in and around Ocean Isle Beach NC

If you are not satisfied with are suggestion above then below is a list of other top venues in the area. And if you happen to have a suggestion that you don’t find listed please tell us about it in the comment sections of this page.

weddings ocean isle beach nc

A. Ocean Isle Inn

  • 37 W 1st St, Ocean Isle Beach, NC ‎
  • (910) 579-0750 ‎

B. Sand and Sun Weddings

  • 364 E First St, Ocean Isle Beach, NC ‎
  • (910) 398-2538 ‎

C. The Isles

  • 417 W 2nd St, Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina ‎
  • (910) 575-5988 ‎

D. Brick Landing Plantation Golf Club

  • 1882 Goose Creek Rd SW, Ocean Isle Beach, NC ‎
  • (910) 754-2745

E. Beachway Rentals & Services

  • 6255 Beach Dr SW, Ocean Isle Beach, NC ‎
  • (910) 579-8788

F. Simply Susie’s

  • 6253 Beach Dr SW, Ocean Isle Beach, NC ‎
  • (910) 579-8788 ‎

G. Oceanfront Weddings NC 

  • 57 W 1st St, Ocean Isle Beach, NC ‎
  • (910) 575-7000 ‎

H. Ashley Fox Events

  • (910) 880-5630 ‎

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