Wineries Near Fayetteville NC

Fayetteville, NC a city which has won the All-American city award on three different occasions is a great place to live and if you are a wine lover it also has more than one quality winery located within the city boundaries and many more not too far from it’s city limits.  This is a quiet little city. A great place to live and visit.

If you are a wine lover who lives here or just visiting and you are interested in learning more about the wineries located near Fayetteville then you will find a complete list of below along with our recommendations on the best wineries to visit.

List of Wineries Near Fayetteville, North Carolina

Not sure what how far you want to drive to visit a winery, our list will include wineries at the most being a 1-hour drive from Fayetteville, the majority will be much closer.

Lu Mil Vineyard - This small winery is well worth the visit. . Located in the small town of Elizabethtown, which sits about 15 miles south of Fayetteville. They have a couple great wines here. If you like white wines try the Old Cumberland, if you are a fan of red wines then the Cape Owen Red is your best bet.

This winery sits on a piece of beautiful land and has cabins or rent. Read our full review

Enoch Winery –  This is the oldest winery in the state and is well known for producing the best muscadine wine. Maybe you are not a fan? There’s a lot going on at this winery, they have a great bistro and a lot of varieties of award winning wines to sample. Read our full review on Enoch to know what to expect before you visit.

Chatham Hill Winery – Located in Cary, NC about 40 miles north of Fayetteville. This is a place for wine tasting  but also is used for a lot of different events such as weddings and business meetings

HINNANT FARMS VINEYARD - This family winery is located about 50 miles from Fayetteville. They make their wine the traditional way. They offer tours of there facilitates and also both private and public events. Read more on what they have to offer on our review page.

If you are dying to find the best winery and wines, we will be adding more information to this page in the future.

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