Wine Tasting Riesling at Westbend Vineyards

If you never plan to visit Westbend Vineyards in Lewisville, North Carolina but enjoy a good Riesling you may still learn a couple useful bits of information here to help make the best possible purchase of this wine type. But if you do plan to visit this North Carolina winery, I’m writing this to recommend adding this wine to your wine tasting.

The Riesling packaging must be right or I just say no.

For me to give any respect to a Riesling, for me to even consider tasting it, the packaging must be correct.

Any self respecting winery will package their Riesling correctly. What do I mean by correct packaging:

  1. Green
  2. Brown
  3. Cobalt Blue

The bottle must be one of these three colors. Use of these colored wine bottles for this wine is German tradition, the country the wine originated. Westbend Vineyards does package their Riesling correctly, in a taller, thinner cobalt blue bottle, a traditional bottle. Very pleasing to the eye.

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen this wine being sold in a plain old red wine bottle. If something as simple as the bottle type is incorrect then this should throw up red flags in your head about the quality of this German wine inside the bottle.

One compliant about the packaging, instead real cork, a plastic cork is used.

Not too dry, not too sweet

It’s crisp and clean and there’s plenty of fruit going on. The Rielsing at Westbend Vineyards is a very, very good summer white wine. A dry white wine with just a hint of sugar. A well balance acid and sugar profile. A dry mineral finish.

Different aromas and tastes but the two that most stand out is apple and honey. Some more subtle pineapple and floral hints.

This is a wine you will definitely want to drink cold, the colder the better.

A bottle of this wine can be picked up for around $16.

Wine and Spicy foods

Riesling wines have a very broad food pairing profile. However, many people have difficulty finding a wine that pairs well with spicy and ethnic foods. This German white wine goes great with Middle Eastern, Mexican, and Cajun cuisines.

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