Wine Making in Hendersonville NC

Interested in finding and learning a new hobby? Or maybe you’re looking for way to perfect your skills? Is wine making the hobby you’re interested in? If so, why not learn from professionals at Falderal Winery? Here you will find people with decades of experience of producing award winning wines?

If you’re near Hendersonville, North Carolina then the perfect opportunity exists for you to learn wine making from the professionals at Falderal Winery. If you are unfamiliar with the city of Hendersonville, it’s just south of Asheville.

Falderal holds wine classes two days a month.

  • The first class is usually on the 2nd Saturday of the month.
  • The second class usually falls on the last Thursday of the month.

On these days the classes begin at 5 PM and last until 8 PM.

But before jumping in the car you should call Falderal Winery to make sure you have the correct date and time. You can reach the winery at: (828) 693-7676. You could also visit their events calendar where you will find the dates and the time for these classes marked on a calendar. See Here.

Address: 131 3rd Avenue West Hendersonville, NC.

If you want driving directions you can visit our review page where you will find a map that will provide you with driving directions from your current location. See Here. The map is located at the bottom of the page.

The classes offered 

Wine making 101 – Covers the basics from fermentation to bottling. The class involves learning to make wine by using wine a wine making kit.  Great for beginners or even those with experience that need to brush up on their skills.

Wine making 102 – A more intense class which involves learning to produce wine from fresh fruit rather than a kit. This class is taught during the harvest months, August – October. This is a great class for people who grow their own fruit and want to learn how to turn it into wine!!!

Visit our review page of Falderal Winery in Hendersonville NC.


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