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Elkin, NC a picturesque small town located in the beautiful Yadkin Valley Region of North Carolina. This is a great place to visit for many reasons. And one of these reasons is the abundance of wineries.

If you’re interested in learning more about these wineries and there locations in and near Elkin then you’re on the right page.

Did you know? The Yadkin Valley Region is both North Carolina’s largest wine region and also a nationally recognized wine region.

How many wineries are located Near Elkin NC?

There’s actually only 4 or 5 wineries located within the city limits of Elkin: Brushy Mountain Winery, Slightly Askew Winery, Elkin Creek Vineyard & Winery and Carolina Heritage Vineyard & Winery. That’s actually 4 not 5. And all four of these are good wineries with something unique to offer you.

But don’t limit yourself. If you take a look at the map below you will see 28 different wineries are actually located within a decent driving distance, 10 to 20 miles from the city of Elkin. This is a great place to be if you love wine and visiting wineries. Many people refer to the Yadkin Valley Wine Region of North Carolina as being the Napa Valley of the East Coast.

Below the image you will find mention of a few of these wineries and also links to more in-depth reviews of each.

Elkin NC Wineries

List of Wineries near Elkin, NC

Brushy Mountain Winery - This winery is located in downtown Elkin. If you’re a person wanting to gaze out at beautiful grape vineyards then this probably isn’t the place for you. This establishment is inside a brick building and serves as more of a gathering place in the downtown area. Inside you will definitely find a friendly atmosphere and some very good wines. Read our review

Address:  125 W Main St, Elkin, NC 28621

Slightly Askew Winery – This is also not a winery located on a huge vineyard estate. It’s located just a few minuted from the downtown area. They make all their wines on-site and have close to 30 different wines to choose from. Reds, Whites, Fruity, Sweet and dry wines. Hey!!! If you are considering visiting Elkin, NC this winery does have a vacation house you may want to check out. The inside looks awesome!!!

Read our review

Address: 913 N Bridge St, Elkin, NC 28621

Elkin Creek Vineyard & Winery – Unlike the two city wineries mentioned above, Elkin Creek Vineyard is located on a beautiful vineyard. If oyu are looking for a special place to visit, this is a cozy place that has a lot to offer. They offer a nice range of wines, you are free to walk around the land and enjoy the beauty of nature, there’s a stone oven inside where they make delicious pizza. The dining is a very nice experience.

And they also have cabins that you can rent. Overall this is a great place to visit. Have a look at their cabins.

Read our review 

Address: 318 Elkin Creek Mill Rd, Elkin, NC 28621

Carolina Heritage Vineyard & Winery – A great place to visit if you like “Wines and Music”. There’s a fairly wide selection of different wines here and the overall quality is considered to be excellent by most everyone who has visited.  This does sit on a vineyard that is very well manicured and beautiful. If you are looking for the perfect place in Elkin, NC to host a special event they do Birthdays, Weddings, Reunions, etc. Visit there events page for more information

Read the review of this NC Vineyard

Address: 170 Heritage Vines Way, (on Highway 268 – 3 miles east of Elkin, NC), Elkin, NC 28621

Other wineries near Elkin, NC

The map at the top of the page showed there are 28 different wineries within a short driving distance from Elkin. Rather than listing all 28 on this page you can visit our Yadkin Valley Winery page. This page lists all the different choices and links to reviews.

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