Trout Fishing in the Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina offers the perfect destination for trout fishing!!! Not kidding!!!!!!!!  Fishing in the Smoky mountains, there’s over 2,000 miles of public trout fishing waters here.  Great spots for both stream and lake trout fishing. Whether you want to fish on the shore, in waders or on the boat, there are many, hundreds of prime spots to match your preferences.

Fantastic big trout in these Smoky mountain waters are just waiting to bite.

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has done a marvelous job in caring for these waters and also the wildlife both in and around the waters. Pristine fishing spots!!! Angler’s heaven!!!

And fishing in the smoky mountains, you will never get bored, the scenery you will be exposed to as you fish is like none other.

 More Important Information on Smoky Mountain Perch Fishing

Two of the most popular fishing spots for perch in the Smoky Mountains are: Nantahala and French Broad rivers. These are great spots but sometimes overcrowded, the good thing is there are hundreds of other great streams and lakes to fish for perch in the Smoky Mountains.

How do you find your perfect location to fish? Any angler should know just talk to the local baits shops. Or you can also visit this site to learn more about mountain fishing in North Carolina. This is a very nice informative site.

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission take very good care of the fish life in the Smoky mountains. There are two differences in the types of waters you can fish here, based on Wildlife Commissions rules.

1. Hatchery Trout Waters – these type of waters are full of fish and less restricted rules. There’s no size limit or bait restrictions here. These types of waters are open from April to the end of February.

2. Delayed Harvest Waters – Fishing these types of waters is restricted to catch and release from October to early June.  After the first Saturday in June to the end of September there is a seven fish limit. There is no bait or size restrictions from June to Sept.

To learn more and the most current information the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has on mountain trout in North Carolina.

I spent a night in jail in my waders, trust me its good to be informed on the rules.

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