Thistle Meadow Winery Weddings – Laurel Springs, NC 28644

Not Well Known but makes for a Beautiful Venue

If you’re currently looking for the prefect wedding venue near the Blueridge Mountains of North Carolina then we have a great suggestion you need to take a further look into, especially if finding a beautiful outdoor wedding site is on your list.

Our suggestion is located in the pretty little city of Laurel Springs, NC located in the foothills of the Blueridge Mountains, in the Northwest corner of the state.

Here you will find a place named, Thistle Meadow Winery, which not only ranks as one of the states top wine producing wineries but has also received very high ratings in “friendliness” – a great combination for a wedding venue!

Located At:
102 Thistle Meadow
Laurel Springs, NC 28644
Phone: 800-233-1505

But aside from the great wines and the friendly owners and staff, being located in an area of the state that’s full of luscious roaming valleys, the landscape surrounding Thistle Meadow Winery is very picturesque, a great setting for an outdoor wedding venue. There’s a meadow right next door to the facility where the weddings are held outdoors.

Overlooked by many soon to be Married Couples

As we said at the beginning, Thistle Meadow Winery is the most well known place in the area for weddings but this doesn’t mean many haven’t been satisfied with the services provided.

The most likely reason this is not a well known venue is because they don’t advertise themselves as providing this function. Even if you visit their website you will have to hunt for any mention of wedding services. You will find mention at the very, very bottom of the page, the last sentence.

So if you are interested in learning more about what they can provide you (since there’s not a lot of information supplied on their website) your best option is either to email directly with your inquiry at: or talk over the phone or in person:

Thistle Meadow Winery
102 Thistle Meadow
Laurel Springs, NC 28644
Phone: 800-233-1505

And if you would like more suggestions for venues within the state visit here!

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