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Best Red Wine at Daveste Vineyards

Are you searching for a great red wine in North Carolina that pairs great with steaks or Italian and Mediterranean dishes? Daveste Vineyards, just north of Charlotte, has a great Cabernet Franc, if you goal is to have a great dinner this wine will become the feather in your hat if serving the style of dishes mentioned above.

This Cabernet Franc at Daveste Vineyards is handcrafted in small lots by the expert wine makers onsite and is an award winning wine. This is a medium bodied red wine with a long finish.  Aged in French Oak barrels with the optimal tannins and low in acidic content. For best performance, decant this wine and leave open  an hour before serving.

If you are experienced with red wines, you may have shied away from Cabernet Franc in the past, instead going for a nice Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. If so, your not alone, the majority of red wine drinkers have done the same. This is a very misunderstood wine made from the Noble Grape, the parent grape of the Sauvignon and Merlot.

But in recent years the Cabernet Franc has started to become more and more understood and its popularity has began to climb. Its become very common with many red wine drinkers, that once they give the wine a chance it becomes one of their favorites.

Your First Cabernet Franc at Daveste Vineyards

If you are in a hurry, your best option to find a wine is at local supermarket or wine store. You can ask the clerk or the guy stocking the wine aisle. But hances are you probably will not get the best advice on wines at either of these places. So if you do have the time why not visit a nearby winery? To talk with the experts who actually make the wine. Daveste Vineyards located about 30 miles north of Charlotte is a great place to pick up a Cabernet Franc and other quality wines.