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List of Community Colleges in Charlotte NC

Charlotte Community Colleges

If you are interested in learning more about the different Community Colleges in Charlotte NC and what they have to offer, below is a list of the different options.

Also, beyond the be sure to read my top reasons why I think attending a community college will benefit you compared to attending a 4-year college straight out of high school.

If you’re planning on attending a community college and then transitioning into a 4-year college, there are two things things I suggest you do before making your final decision on which college you will attend.

1. Be sure to look over the classes and curriculum offered at the different community colleges in Charlotte. Why? If you presently have a basic idea on what you will major in once you are at a 4-year college, you will want to choose the community college that has the strongest curriculum and faculty in this area of study. Do this this will benefit you once you are at a 4-year college.

2. Talk to the admissions department at both the community colleges and the 4-year college you plan to attend in the future. Why? You need to have clear answers on what credits will transfer to your 4-year college.

Charlotte Community College list

Johnson & Wales University
(980) 598-1000
801 W Trade St, Charlotte, NC

ECPI University
(704) 393-0028
4800 Airport Center Pky, Charlotte, NC

ECPI University
(704) 612-2038
124 Floyd Smith Office Park Dr, Charlotte, NC

Central Piedmont Community College
(704) 330-6493
1201 Elizabeth Ave, Charlotte, NC

Pfeiffer University
(704) 521-9116
4701 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC

Divine Health Academy
(704) 566-2955
7506 E Independence Blvd, Charlotte, NC

Reformed Theological Seminary
(704) 366-5066
2101 Carmel Rd, Charlotte, NC

5 reasons why attending a community college makes sense

Makes the transition from high school to college easier.

At larger universities classrooms can big as larger as 300 students and because of the great number of students professors are much of the time inaccessible. At smaller junior colleges classrooms are much smaller and professors there have much more time to give each student one on one guidance.

Save thousands of dollars.

It’s sad to think of all the debt college students take on. But the good news is the cost of attending a community college is on average 1/3 of the cost of a 4-year college. This means you will be able to fulfill the first two years of your college requirements at a fraction of a cost compared to if you started at a big university straight out of high school.

Live at home.

Living at a dorm or an apartment on or near the campus of a big university can be exciting. But it’s also expensive. Being able to live at home while you attend a community college in Charlotte will help you save money for your living expensive in your final two years at a larger university.  Another hidden benefit of this, living at home will allow you to mature more so you don’t do something stupid

More time to decide on your career.

Many students have no idea what career path they want to pursue straight out of high school. A community college will let you explore your passions. You will probably end up changing your mind on what you want to pursue, at least a couple times. This is normal. And since junior colleges are much cheaper, your changes in career pathway will not be as expensive compared to making changes at a 4-year institution.

Overall will boost your college confidence.

With smaller classes and more accessible professors attaining a higher GPA at a 2- year community college should be much easier compared to a person in their first 2 years at a larger university where professors are inaccessible much of the time. This should really do a lot help boost your confidence when you finally enter a larger college.