Starrlight Mead

480 Hillsboro Street, Suite 1000
Pittsboro, NC 27312

Starrlight Mead





This site is mainly about listing and reviewing North Carolina wineries but I had to include Starrlight Mead in Pittsboro N.C. in my main winery listing. Why? First, Mead is actually wine, it’s “Honey Wine”

Secondly, Starrlight Mead, has such interesting and delicious meads, if you are looking for a great experience near Raleigh, then you really need to check meadery out!!!

If you want to learn more about Starrlight Mead, feel free to tab through the box below and hopefully what you read will entice you to visit this establishment. And if you do happen to feel enticed, there’s a map at the end of the page which will supply you with driving directions to Starrlight Mead from your current location.

If you are looking for more traditional winery near Raleigh NC.


Find delicious Honey Wine at Starrlight Mead

I have always wondered, since honey has antimicrobial properties will drinking mead improve your immune system? I plan on researching this later.

At Starrlight Mead you will find a delicious selection of unique Meads across the spectrum, to dry, semi-sweet and sweet. And if you do find these to be delicious they are also sold at many stores in the areas

Check out these different these different styles sure to delight everyone’s tastes.

Tradition blends in both off-dry and semi-sweet. The off-dry variety offers just a hint of sweetness with floral aromas and was a medal winner at the Mazer Cup International.

Get a nose full of blackberries with their blackberry mead, a great off-dry choice.

Who likes the taste of ripe peaches? Try the delicious sweet Peach Mead. The perfect summer taste.

Want more!!!

They have a Spiced Apple Mead, great with cinnamon and nutmeg, at room temperature or slightly warmed. This one is great for a colder night.

And now introducing Meadjitos!!! Get it before it sells out!!! This is a Cuban mead that would make Castro proud.  This one is full of spearmint and lime.

You will also find two delicious styles of Cranberry Orange at Starrlight Mead.

If you missed it earlier, local stores do carry their meads!!!


Every month there are events going on at Starrlight Mead, especially during the holidays throughout the year. SInce the events change month to month their is no way I can actually tell you what’s going on at this Meadery the day you are reading this. SO it is best to visit there events page on their website.

Mead Video

If you are confused about mead here are a couple videos that may help you understand actually what mead is and decide whether or not this is a drink you would like to try.


Find driving directions to Starrlight Mead

On the map below the red marker shows where this establishment is located. To get your directions simply click the link below and enter your starting location.


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