Shelton Vineyards Weekend Packages

Planning to visit Shelton Vineyards in the Yadkin Valley of North Carolina for the weekend? If so, then the Hampton Inn located only a couple miles down the road is the #1 place you want to stay.

Not only is this Hampton Inn a fabulous hotel with 5-star ratings, if you know where and when to look you can also reserve your stay to include special offers tied into the the vineyards.  Not all people who decide to visit are aware of these special Shelton Vineyards Weekend Packages offered by the hotel.

This is the way to go of you plan on visiting Shelton Vineyards and staying for the weekend.

What’s included in the Special Weekend Packages?

First you should understand the packages are part of the Hampton Inn hotel deal, even though they work closely with Shelton Vineyards to make these packages the vineyards are in know way responsible for the packages. So you will need to contact the hotel to reserve yours and if you have further questions or even complaints you need to direct the questions to the hotel management.

The number to call is  336-353-9400.

There are a couple different packages offered throughout the year which are subject to change.

  • One package is open throughout the year and is called the Overnight Getaway Package. This is set-up for two people to enjoy and includes a nights stay ate the Hampton Inn and tours and tastings at Shelton Vineyards and 25% off any bottle of wine.

For dinner you will be treated to a multi-course meal (appetizers, main course, dessert and wine) at the Harvest Grill inside the winery.

This package should be offered throughout the calendar year for more information call 336-353-9400.

  • The second package is offered during the summer concert series, if you are interested in this you can reserve your spot at any time during the year. If you are interested then the earlier you schedule the better since this is a very popular event that takes place in the Dobson, NC area and fills up quickly.

It includes a room at the hotel, two tickets to the concert, tours and tasting at the vineyards, 25% a bottle of wine. And if you choose, you can also add dinner or breakfast at the Harvest Grill.

For more information on dates and prices call 336-353-9400 and specifically ask about the “summer concert series package”.

If oyu have never visited Shelton Vineyards in Dobson, NC and would like more information visit our review page.

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