Shelton Vineyards -Yakdin Valley Winery

 286 Cabernet Lane
 Dobson, NC 27017
 (336) 366-4724
 Shelton Vineyards Hours
 Mon – Sat 10am -6pm
 Sun 12 – 6 pm

Shelton Vineyards





Shelton Vineyards and Harvest Grill is a large family owned estate, located in the Yakdin Valley in the town of Dobson, North Carolina.

Just North of Charlotte and about 20 miles south of the Virginia state line.

The wines here are delicious and the grounds are beauty. If your nearby and enjoy visiting wineries, visiting Shelton vineyards is a must. So much to appreciate and do here, shopping, a great restaurant  great wine, lovely grounds.  A great place to spend a relaxing day.

If you happen to be traveling blue ridge parkway near the Virgina-North Carolina border, Shelton Vineyards is not very far from this All-American scenic road.

Below you can read our short review of the different aspects of the winery and at the end of the page you will find a map that will provide you with driving directions in case you want to spend a beautiful afternoon or evening at Shelton Vineyards.


Merlot at Shelton Vineyards

I’ve visited here many times and spent much of my time here in the tasting room. I have tasted many and also brought home more than a few bottles.

So what’s my favorite tipple at this vineyard? This is a hard call, since I have yet to have a bad tasting wine here. But I have to admit I’m a stone fiend for two of their wines.

  • My absolute favorite is the 2008 Shelton Vineyards Merlot. The aromas of this wine are wide. From raspberries and plums to the smooth aromas of cocoa and vanilla with hints of lavender and rose. Last time I bought a bottle of this Merlot, I paid $17. I consider this a steal. This wine goes great with a nice juicy steak or other red meat dishes.
  • Sauvignon Blanc. This is a really nice blended white wine. Just the right acidity to make your tongue dance. Goes great with salads and seafood.
The wine tasting here is $5 per person. For this you get to taste five different wines and also a souvenir wine glass. It’s well worth it. They have very tempting wine descriptions, I hope you decide to try at least of of my favorite wines above. Remember, clean your palate with their oyster crackers between each taste.


Harvest Grill

The Harvest Grill is located on the grounds of the Shelton Vineyards. The service is great. The food is delicious. Both inside and outside seating on their enclosed patio.

If this grill was located in a big metropolitan area, instead of the small town of Dobson, it would definitely be a huge draw.

They offer a variety of seafood, beef and pork dishes. Also, really good sandwiches to choose from and salads you can make into a meal.

A great selection of starters and desserts to choose form also.  Their Devil’s Triangle dessert is overwhelming a favorite.

See the grill’s menu.


The grounds here are beautiful, you are free to walk the paths, which wind through their vineyards an around the lake.

There are also picnic areas scattered throughout the grounds. You are free to bring your own picnic or pick one up at the Harvest Grill and enjoy it at one of the several picnic tables located on the grounds.


You will find a variety of items here at the gift shop.

One of my favorite items that I purchased is called the Corkcicle, which is a device that allows you to chill your wine form inside the bottle. This is a handy little device that keeps your opened wine at the perfect temperature.

Also in the shop is a variety of clothing items, shirts, golf shirts and jackets and different wine accessories. The items are high quality, great for gifts. Most of the items have Shelton Vineyards printed on them.  


More!!! There is so much to say about this vineyard. Every week it seems like there is are a couple different events taking place. Even the Harvest Grill has events through out the year. So instead of me listing their events, here is a link to their event page.


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