Raylen VIneyards for Award Winning NC Wines

I received an email last night from a lady who just moved to Clemmons, NC. In her email she asked if I could tell her if there were any good North Carolina wineries located near her. So I wanted to write a post addressing her question and let her know she is a very lucky lady because one of the very best wineries in North Carolina is located very nearby here

From the picture you can see Clemmons, NC (where she lives) is right down the road from Winston-Salem. And further down the road is a great winery named Raylen Vineyards in Mocksville. In fact, there are many different wineries in the Winston Salem area you may want to visit but the wines and entertainment and overall atmosphere you will find at Raylen Vineyards is hard to beat.Raylen Vineyards

Below you well find a few more specifics about this winery and also a map which will provide you with driving directions from your current location.

Raylen Vineyards review




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Raylen Vineyards Address and Hours

RayLen Vineyards

 3577 US Hwy 158
 Mocksville, NC 27028
 (336) 998-3100
 Mon-Sat 11 am – 6 pm



You will find 16 award winning wines at Raylen Vineyards!!! You will find a well balanced selection of: Whites, Reds and a few specialty wines.

So if you’re in love with great wine, then you should feel like a kid in a candy store when visiting this winery. Each of these wines are available for purchase and/or tasting at the winery. Here are a few of the special ones:Wines at Raylen Vineyards

Pinot Grigio - This wine variety is growing in popularity across the USA and the Pinot Grigio at Raylen is an exceptionally bold Pinot. This wine has a lemon lime zest with hints of grapefruit throughout and a crisp clean finish.

Barrel Chardonnay - The best selling wine at the winery. Provides a fresh taste of pears and green apples. A very clean wine

Yadkin Gold – This wine explodes on your palate with tastes of pineapple and melon!!! Yadkin gold was honored by both the USA Today and SOuthern Living Magazine as a great wine.

Carolinius – This is a red wine blend. The blend includes 7 different red wines, this is quite the experiment.

Category 5 - Named after the strongest category of Hurricanes. Those of you who live on the coast definitely need this full bodied and fruit-forward wine.

Sparkling Brut – One of the finest sparkling white wine blends in North Carolina. Very bubbly notes of strawberry, raspberry accompanied by a hint of honey will play on your taste buds.


This is a really good winery for you if you love events at wineries. Raylen Vineyards has a smattering of events across each month of their Calendar year. You will find Festivals, Music, Open house, Holiday Celebrations and more. The best advice is to visit their website and click through their events calendar to learn about their events. Visit the events page.


If you are more of a visual person and would like to actually see a little of the winery before visiting.

Get your directions on the map below

Need directions? Just click the marker on the map and enter your starting location.

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