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We love helping visitors to are site learn more by reviewing the different wines and wineries located in the state of North Carolina but we also like to give credit to other sites that find the different wineries located in our state worth talking about. The other day I was reading the news and found a site named Bunkycooks.com had wrote a review featuring two of our Yadkin Valley wineries, raffaldini & childress vineyards.

This is an excellent review of this two wineries with a few get pictures of what these places look like. Read their Review.

We have also wrote our own review on each of these wineries which you might be interested in reading: Raffaldini & Childress vineyards.

Bunky Cooks say what?

If you would rather stay right here on this page we will try to sum up some of the finer points this other website made about these two Yadkin Valley Wineries.

From reading their article the people at Bunky Cooks website are very knowledge about wines and have travel to many different countries in Europe and all across the United States visiting different wineries and learning as much as possible about wine grape cultivation. Seems like a very interesting website if you are looking to learn more about wines.

Read their Review

Their article on Raffaldini & Childress vineyards begins by speaking about the history of an historical Yadkin Valley as it once an area in the United States know mainly for growing tobacco. If you have ever heard the term, “Tobacco Road” this is the area that term is referring to. But with the down swing of the tobacco industry, the land owners needed to field another use for their land and many turned to cultivating wine grapes.

After speaking of the history of Tobacco the article then goes on to speak about the grapes grown in the vineyards at each of these wineries. It discusses the challenges the farmers face based on the soil type of the land and the climate of found in this area of North Carolina. From this we learn that the grapes here will produce wines that are very low in pH and this causes a challenge to winemakers to get the right balance of tannins and pH.

Which North Carolina grape does the Bunky Cook website believe is the best. They think you should try wines made from the Sangiovese grape.

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