North Carolina Wineries near each other

One day I received an email from a woman asking me if I could help her learn about North Carolina wineries located nearby each other… I guess she want to design her own wine trail???

The problem with her question was she didn’t provide me with her location in the state so I could best help her. Was she on the coast? The Smoky mountains? Charlotte? Raleigh? Was she interested in wineries near Winston-Salem or the wineries in the Yadkin Valley?

Even though her email left me wondering about her location, I decide to write this and email her the link hoping it would help her in some way.

With over 100 wineries in North Carolina, I will probably miss a few great groups of wineries located near one and other. The follow is my opinion on where you will find the best groups of wineries within a 10-15 minute drive from one another.

The Yadkin Valley Wineries

The major of the wineries in North Carolina are located in the Yadkin Valley. This valley is located in the Northwest corner of the state, near Winston-Salem and the western border of the valley is not too far from the Smokey Mountains.

As you can see from the map below there are many wineries located near one another in the Yadkin valley. Some groups are within walking distance. Since there are so many different wineries in this region of North Carolina we want to refer you to our Yadkin Valley Winery review page that list all these along with links to reviews of each.

Yadkin Valley Wineries map

Lexington NC Wineries

Another area of North Carolina that has a great group of wineries located near each other is found in the city of Lexington, NC. There are four qualities wineries in this city and all have their own unique style.

You can click through the links below to read more about each winery.

There are four different wineries: Junius Lindsay Vineyard, Weathervane Winery, Native Vines Winery, Childress Vineyards.

Close Lexington NC Wineries

So… If you are look for groups of wineries that are located nearby one another in the state of North Carolina these two areas are my top choices. The Yadkin Valley and Lexington, NC.

As for as other areas of the state there are many wineries worth visiting but…

The Smoky Mountains region, the coast or major cities such as Raleigh and Charlotte you will not find many wineries located near each other, where you can just hop in the car and travel 5-10 minutes to the next winery.

Return to our homepage to learn more about the places to find North Carolina Wines .

2 thoughts on “North Carolina Wineries near each other”

  1. I cannot find any info on the Rosemont Winery. I know that it is not far from Lake Gaston, NC. Their website has been down for some time. How could I find out more about this winery? Thanks, Linda

    1. Hi Linda, I’ve actually never heard of this winery but I did look it up. You mention it was near Lake Gaston, which is located in both NC and Virgina. I did find this website and it works, not sure if its the one you are referring to though. Looks like a nice place

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