NewAir wine cooler

Discover the Best NewAir Wine Cooler For You: Review and

Comparison Guide!

There’s more than a few companies that design and manufacture wine coolers, so who do you buy from? ¬†Which companies produce the best? Which companies should you maybe stay away? We are very active in North Carolina’s wine industry, we visit wineries, attend wine festivals and events so this gives us the opportunity to speak to many people and hear different opinions and ratings of many wine accessories on the market.

One companies products that we have been hearing more and more positive talk about is NewAir. So we wanted to share some of the information and opinions we have learned and researched.

The interactive chart below lists the product specifications and different features to help you find the NewAir Wine Cooler that perfectly matches your needs.

Also click through to read more in depth reviews on each model.

Model Name
# Cooling Zones
Material (made from)
18 Bottle Dual Zone Cooler with Mirrored Finish

Duel (2 zones)Metal (Black cabinet) double-paned glass door46 pounds29 x 24 x 18 inches
12-Bottle Thermoelectric Cooler

Single ZoneMetal, Chrome, Glass26 pounds14 x 19.5 x 19 inches
32-Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Cooler

Duel ZoneMetal, Chrome, Glass69 pounds20.5 x 21.5 x 32.2 inches
Streamline 21 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Duel ZoneMetal, Stainless Steel, Wood47 pounds13.5 x 19.9 x 32.4 inches

Included in the matrix are 7 different columns that give the following information:

  • Name of model and an image.
  • Whether its a single or duel zone cooler.
  • The material it is made from.
  • The weight in pounds.
  • The dimensions in inches.
  • Price
  • A link to reviews for each model.

The Top Six NewAir Wine Coolers

NewAir makes many more models of wine coolers. Maybe you have become interested in one but you don’t see it on the list? Why did we only include these models?

First, you should know, if you did not see the model you are most interested in listed on the chart above that doesn’t necessarily mean its not a quality product. The coolers we listed above are those that we had the most information on and passed our acid test for quality. How did we decide on this models?

It all comes down to trust

  1. Most importantly, the models listed above were the models that we actually had face-to-face communication with people who own these. Such as people we speak to at wineries and wine festivals and events. Being able to talk and learn face-to-face is always a big plus. Plus, many of the people we who reviewed these products for us were friends not company vendors.
  2. We then took what we learned from these people and went to Amazon to read the reviews on the products to discover if they matched we could find a consensus between Amazon reviews and our how are friends rated these coolers.
  3. Lastly, we actually visited NewAirs website to do further research. We also searched Google for complaints and problems that some customers may have experienced with different models.

If #1 through #3  checked out in a positive way and we felt comfortable we added the model to the list above.

Reviews of other NewAir Wine Coolers

The follow are short reviews on other models that were not included on our list above. We don’t have as much information on the models listed below but did research the basic features and other black and white areas such as weight and dimensions:

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