NewAir 32-Bottle Wine Cooler

Online reviews vs. Winery Owners Reviews – Do they match up?

NewAir 32 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler reviewWe have seen the NewAir 32-Bottle Wine Cooler sitting behind the bar at a few different wineries we frequently visit in North Carolina so this gave us the opportunity to ask winery owners and bartenders for their honest opinions on this model.

Most were happy to oblige our curiosity and gave they overall opinion on the model and also some detailed information about the different features such as:




  • The thermoelectric cooling system
  • Duel temperature controls
  • Digital thermostat
  • Internal LED lighting
  • The wood shelving

But before we just went ahead and wrote a review based on only the information provided by the people we spoke with at these wineries, we thought it would be smart to read as many other customer reviews as possible on different websites such as: Amazon, Best Buy, Sears, Walmart.

Online information about the NewAir 32-Bottle Wine Cooler

Two things learned from reviewing other websites for this product:

  1. This model was listed as sold-out on many vendor sites. This may or may not be true but we took this to mean that this must be a very popular model. Why else would it be out of stock at so many sites?
  2. The price greatly varied from site to site. Some sites sold this wine cooler model for over $500 and others under. If you do decide to purchase this model you should look for a price between $475 and $480. Don’t pay more than you have to.

Did the reviews on other websites match what we heard at the wineries?NewAir 32 Bottle Dual Zone with LED

The overall opinions on this NewAir wine cooler model given to us by the people at wineries and the reviews read online were both very similar and also very positive. Most commonly heard compliments:

  • The quietest wine cooler we have had. Most are louder than our refrigerators but this one isn’t.
  • You may not think this is important at first but the screw in feet come in very handy if you need to level it.
  • The shelving space is fairly generous. There are 8 shelves on each side of this duel zone cooler for a total of 16 shelves each hold two bottles of wine (32 bottles).
  • The push button temperature controls make setting the temperature so easy and the cooler does a good job at maintaining the set temperatures on each side.
  • Good job at maintaining humidity; have not experience labels peeling off or cracked corks
  • The design is very nice; we have received many compliments on the cooler for how it looks and also the LED blue lighting looks pretty cool when we open the door to grab a bottle of wine.

Not the model for you? Interested in a smaller or larger wine cooler by NewAir? Or maybe you need more general information and would also like to learn about other companies that make this type of product?

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