Native Vines Winery

One of the most common complaints heard about about Native Vines Winery has to do with their wines. Many people say the selection is so good they find themselves spending too much time deciding!!!

One of the more interesting wineries that you will find in Lexington North Carolina is Native Vines Winery. You might or might not find it interesting to know that this is the first winery in the United States owned and operated by Native Americans.

Native Vine Winery

Native Vines Winery



If you’re interested in visiting at the end of the page you will find a map where you can obtain your own directions from your current starting location.

If interesting in learning more about Native Vines Winery in Lexington North Carolina you can tab through the categories listed in the box below.


While we are not willing to say Native Vines Winery has the very best wines in North Carolina, what we will say, many visitors to this winery do love the wines here.

We have also visited here and found more than a few great tasting wines.

At this winery you will find around 20 different wines. They have red, whites, sweets and fruits.  If you’re a person who likes to try new things, they also have something they call tea wine which is very unique and also very good.

The cost of the majority of their wines ranges from $14-17 a bottle. They do have two red wines that are a bit more expensive around $20. All in all, we believe the prices are fair.

Our favorites, we have too many to list them all

Raspberry Tea wine – The wine is delicious and pairs perfectly with chocolate. This is an award winner.

Pinot Noir - This red wine is fabulous. Very strong plum and jam flavors. This is another award winning wine here.

Sweet Apple Wine - If you love the taste of green apples this award winning wine is for you!!!

Also, you can buy the wines at Native Vines Winery online buy the bottle or the case.


This is a place for events also. Most of the events you will find here take place on Fridays and Saturdays. They have wine tasting and a lot of music. If you are interested in learning more about their calendar of events you can visit their events page here.

Lexington Wineries

Another great aspect of Native Vines Winery comes with the city it is located in Lexington North Carolina.

Very nearby are three other North Carolina wineries. You can make your own wine tour!!!

Weathervane Winery

Childress Vineryards

Junius Lindsay Vineyard

These are also all very good.

If you are interested in visiting Native Vines Winery in Lexington NC. Here’s a map which will provide you with directions from your current location. Just click the red marker and enter your current location.


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