Junius Lindsay Vineyard

Scintillating Simplicity!!! Great french styled wines, a Victorian Styled open-air patio make  one of the most beloved wineries near Winston-Salem. You may even get to make a friendly little dog. Time spent at this winery is spent well. Also, the calendar here is full of great events.

In case you’re new to the area or just visiting, this winery is not in Winston Salem. Rather it sits on the outskirts of Lexington, NC about 10 miles south of Winston Salem.

If you’re looking for some scintillating simplicity!!! Then you need to take a gander at the map towards the bottom of this page and get your driving directions to this winery.

Junius Lindsay Vineyard NC

Junius Lindsay Vineyard




Read on for a more in depth description of what you will find at the NC winery. Or find other nearby wineries


Thought I should probably speak about the wines since this is a winery? You want to know about these right?

Reds, Whites and some other wines.

What do I mean by other wines?

A wine named Estelle. This is a dessert wine. Once I drank a glass of this while eating a big Hershey chocolate bar and I thought I was in heaven for a second.

The other, other wine you will find at Junius Lindsay Vineyard. This one is called 2009 Special Delivery Rose. My sister said she felt like their was a butterfly in her mouth as she sipped this wine but I would describe the drinking experience as more like having a rose petal in your mouth.

All kidding aside this wine is excellent and goes great with grilled foods.

I actually love the wine labels used by this winery. I usally don’t do this because I want you to stay on my site  :mrgreen: but here is a link to their wine page. I’m only doing this because I really like these wines and want you to see exactly what they can offer you at the winery.


From my experience you will be able to find events going on here every month of the year. Usually numerous events most months.

There’s a lot of music events. Also wine and food events. And sometimes small business education events or different educational events.

Very good winery for events!!! They get an A+ from me.

Another Good Reason

Another great reason to visit this winery in Lexington NC is because their are a few other wineries located very close by so you can actually make your own little winery tour. There’s Childress, Native Vines and Weathervane Winery. Don’t ask me which one is my favorite, these are all top notch.

And here’s the map to Junius Lindsay Vineyard that I promised. Just click on the red marker and you can enter your current starting location to get directions.

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