Hawthorne Inn Winston Salem – Wake Forest Medical Center

The Hawthorne Inn  in Winston Salem, North Carolina is a hotel near the Wake Forest Medical Center and is a great option for those needing a place to stay near this center. I found this out due to a family members medical complications as I was often visiting this medical center in Winston Salem. After staying in the hospital room for 2 straight nights, a nurse at the hospital recommended the Hawthorne Inn.

During my first couple stays at this hotel, through conversation and casual observation of the guest I noticed many of the people staying at the hotel were also visiting  family members or friends at the Wake Forest Medical Center.

What did I like about the Hawthorne Inn Winston Salem

1. This hotel is very close to the medical center. Maybe a mile away, no more than 1.5 miles.

2. One of the first words that comes out of the mouths of many of the visitors who have stayed at the Hawthorne Inn in Winston Salem, North Carolina is the word “CLEAN”. From the rooms and beds, to the bathroom and floors this is a very well kept and clean place to stay in Winston Salem.

3. Overall, this is a great place to relax, spacious clean room and so close to the medical center.

4. Inside the hotel there are two very nice dining options: Nathaniel’s Restaurant and The Tavern.

One of the only negatives, which is no fault of the Hawthorne Inn. This is a popular choice for weddings, banquets, meetings  and conferences. Due to this popularity, if you are interested in staying at this Winston Salem Hotel it is best call ahead and reserve a room. Or at least ask the clerk if there are any big events planned at the hotel the days you plan on needing a room.

I have only use this hotel as a place to stay while visiting a family member who was sick in the Wake Forest Medical Center. So I apologize to those reading this who are interested in the attractions around the hotel. Next time I’m here I will be sure to take a couple days to visiting the attractions and other things to do near the Hawthorne Inn.

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