Haier 8-Bottle Wine Cellar

Who should buy the Haier 8-bottle Wine Cellar

Haier 8 Bottle Wine Cellar Review

The first time we encountered this counter top wine cooler model was in one of the wineries we frequent near the city of Charlotte, NC.  It was always used to store the daily specials at this winery. It sat on top of the wine bar looked sleek and compact.  We never had much of a reason to inquire about it until a good friend of mine started having difficulties at home.


Without going into great detail about my friends personal problems.  We will just say they were downsizing, moving from a nice home to renting a place to live.

My friend was a huge lover of wine. In their home was a huge dual zone wine cooler built right into their kitchen cabinets. It did go great with their kitchen decor and they absolutely loved it. Loved it so much that they would talk about it like it was their baby.

But when they were forced to move out of their home and become renters this huge wine refrigerator was something they definitely wouldn’t be bringing along.

I told my friend about smaller wine cooler models I had seen but they didn’t seem the least bit interested.

Haier 8-bottle Wine Cellar catches my friend’s eye

Haier 8 Bottle Wine Cooler review

A while after my friend became situated in their new life we visited a that winery in Charlotte where I had seen that smaller wine cooler on the wine bar. Up until this point my friend was consistently complaining about having to store their favorites wine in a normal refrigerator and how the taste just wasn’t the same.

Then about a month after we had visited this winery I stopped over to visit my friend in their new place. My friend wasn’t home but their son let me in and we talked for a bit. I walked into the kitchen and there it was the same model that was at the winery. The Haier 8-bottle Wine Cellar the glass windows were a little frosty so I couldn’t see inside but I pushed the “light” button and then could see perfectly inside at the wine bottles she had cooling.

It looked really great on the counter, very compact and went great with the decor of the room. When I spoke to my friend about this new wine cooler I could tell they were still miffed about losing that built-in unit at their home but seemed really pleased with the smaller Haier model that fit on their kitchen counter top.

Really the only compliant they had was it took a while for the machine to reach the exact cooling temperature when they first turned it on but said it stays at the set temperature consistently.

They even said they were very surprised when they returned from vacation that the wine in the cooler was perfectly chilled after two weeks of being gone.

It seems as though their larger built in cooler had once shut off off when they were gone on vacation.

Haier 8-bottle Wine Cellar FeaturesHaier counter top cooler review

  • Color scheme is silver and black
  • Single Zone cooler.
  • Stores up to 8 – bottle good for both red and white wines.
  • Double insulate glass door.
  • Adjustable thermostat with Led temperature display.
  • Compact fits on most counter tops, product dimensions: 9.9 x 16.2 x 21.3 inches
  • Weight: 20.7 pounds.

The Haier 8-bottle Wine Cellar has been given great reviews from customers. On Amazon 42 out of 65 reviewers gave it a 5-star rating and 17 others gave it a 4-star rating. If you are looking for an inexpensive (under $100), small and compact wine cooler that looks great in then this model is definitely worth considering.

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