Haier 12 bottle Wine Cooler Dual Zone

Suspicion about Wine Coolers Confirmed 

Haier 12 Bottle wine cooler reviewQuestion: Before becoming interested in buying a wine cooler for your home or business could you name a single brand or manufacturer?

The great majority of people would answer NO to this question.

Before writing this review on the Haier 12 bottle dual zone wine cooler we interested in hearing more opinions other than ours on what exactly makes a great cooler. And we came upon the perfect opportunity:

We were at an expensive Italian restaurant sitting at a long table full of many people from different backgrounds. I will not speak about the exact occasion but what I will say is a  few of these people sitting at the table were filthy rich, they also loved a good bottle of wine and were also very knowledgeable about wine. At least three different occasions they pointed out mistakes to the server on the restaurants wine list.

I thought great, these people are both rich and love wine and probably could tell me some great information on coolers. I asked if they owned a wine cooler. The  answer was “YES” from three different individuals. Then I asked what brand they owned and also what’s the best brand. Not one could tell me the brand of wine cooler they owned.

Haier 12 bottle Wine Cooler Dual Zone Review

The company Haier is one of the world’s leading producers of quality wine coolers. The video below provides a very informative review on this 12-bottle model.

If you watched the video review of the of the Haier 12 bottle dual zone wine cooler there were not many major negatives mentioned.

It’s a sharp looking black unit which can be stored on a counter top or tucked out of the on the floor. It’s offers dual zone temperature control allowing you to store both red and whites wines at separate perfect temperatures for each. This duel zone feature is usually only reserved for large coolers, you will not find many 12-bottle units with this great feature.

The temperature controls are also very consistent. Its not going to freezer your wine or shut off when your out of town for a few days.

There was mention of the fans and the noise they produce.

This unit also has received many 5-star and 4-star ratings from Amazon customers.

Haier 12 Bottle Dual Zone Review

The last time we looked Amazon was offering this for $129. If your curious to learn more about the positives and negatives one of the best ways to do this is read the customer reviews on this products Amazon page.

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