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Importers of Genuine French and Spanish wines

If you’re in Charlotte and love a great wine selection, especially imports from France and Spain, then Eric Solomon Selections – European Cellars located on East Seventh Street is definitely the place you need to check out.

There’s a map at the bottom of the page that will help you with directions to this wine importer in Charlotte.

Eric Solomon Cellars NC

European Cellars Charlotte NC




Learn more about this North Carolina wine importer in the boxes below. Learn why you need to be careful when buying imported wines.

Here’s a map to Eric Solomon Cellars in Charlotte. Just click on the red marker and enter your current starting location for driving directions. If you need to contact this establishment by phone: (704) 358.1565

Eric Solomon


If you have ever considered buying imported wine from a distributor, have you ever given thought to how easy it would be for a so-called distributor to buy wine on the cheap, then change the labels to a more expensive wines?

This reselling of fake imports, the industry is worth millions of dollars in the United States, especially with both French and Spanish wines.

Advances in printing technology has made this very easy for the wine crook.

The good news is Eric Solomon Wine Selections in Charlotte NC. This distributor of imported wines is your side. He has been feature on many in many authoritative wine magazines.

Such as: The wine Advocate, The Rhone Report and even on the Today Show.

Furthermore, Eric Solomon was recognized in the United States as being one of the most influential people in the wine industry today.

So if you’re in Charlotte looking for a great French or Spanish import you can trust in Eric Solomon at European Cellars to provide you with authentic imported wines

Eric Solomon is there owner and has been covered by


Eric Solomon

Eric Solomon

Eric Solomon

Eric Solomon



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