Divine Llama Vineyards

If you need the address or phone number for Divine Llama Vineyards, you can find this information below.

Address: 4126 Divine Llama Ln, East Bend, NC 27018 Phone: (336) 699-2525

If you need driving directions to this winery located in North Carolina Yadkin Valley you can use our map. The drive out is beautiful!!!

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If you came to learn more about this winery before deciding to visit. Then further down the page you will find a short review of the wines, tasting room, environment and other notable things you will find when visiting Divine Llama Vineyards.

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Divine Llama Vineyards Review

Before you make the trip out to this winery you want to make sure its open. Below is the list of hours, please notice the days and the hours its open:

Fri and Sat 12-5PM  and also open on Sunday 1-5PM


What about the wines?

This winery offers a great selection of Reds and Whites. You will also find a  popular Rose wine named Red Rita Rose which is a Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc blend.

Ok. If you are a red wine drinker then this is a great winery for you to visit. The whites are decent, especially the Traminette Gold.

But the Red Wines deserve most of the attention here.

Cabernet Franc – A mild fruity tasting wine, low in acidity. This one goes great with all types of salads. Grab this one if you’re a Vegetarian.

In a Heartbeat – A truly amazing blend Cabernet Franc and Merlot. This is a dry red wine aged in Oak barrels. Great with savory dishes.

Merlot - If you are a chocolate lover this wine goes excellent with your sweet tooth. This is a full bodied peppery, plum of red wine bursting with flavor.

Tasting Room

There’s a nice tasting room on the inside and a lovely wrap-around porch outside that’s perfect for wine sipping.

Interested in seeing a few pictures of the tasting area?

Events and other info

Divine Llama Vineyards isn’t a place that holds huge or frequent events but you can find an occasional event here from time to time.

If you’re interested in learning about events in north Carolina

What they do have here which is as interesting and fun as any event is a Llama farm. The animals very interesting to watch and the scenery of mountains in the background of the farm and vineyards helps makes this a very special place to visit.



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