Decrease Wedding Stress at Childress Vineyards

Deciding early where to host your wedding will decrease much of your wedding planning stress.

Are you currently experiencing stress trying to decide on the perfect venue to host your wedding? A little advice for brides near the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area who are experiencing this type of stress. Have you ever considered hosting your wedding at a vineyard/winery? One of the best is Childress Vineyards in Lexington, North Carolina.

Many different reasons make Childress Vineyards the perfect venues for your wedding.

  • A very beautiful place both on the outside and inside. Cast stone and etched glass.
  • They’re already in the service industry.
  • The views, environment, atmosphere surrounding wineries are perfect for lasting memories.
  • A beautiful and intriguing wine tasting room will provide an experience you will not soon forget.
  • The winery staff is usually available to help you in both the planning and the implementation.
  • Your guests will love the wines at Childress Vineyards.
The inside of Childress Vineyards is very awesome. The winery has an old world rustic feel. There are three main rooms.
  • The Banquet Room – where you and your guests can dine.
  • The Grand Entry Hall – This is a great area for socializing with guests.
  • The Barrel Cave – This is a second option for dining, provides a very unique dining setting.
Maybe the video below will give you more insight on exactly what to expect at Childress Vinyards.


Wedding planning can cause much stress… Spats with your soon to be husband, maybe a mother-in-law who wants to take over? Planning your wedding can bring many difficulties in your life and you’re bound to feel extreme stress. This is a fairly normal experience for a bride planning a wedding.  There are so many different sources of stress.

If you happen to be near the Winston-Salem area and still have not decided on your wedding venue, checking out Childress Vineyards and what their wedding plans have to offer may provide you with your perfect venue.


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