Cyprus Bend Vineyards Weddings in Wagram, Fayetteville NC

If you’re searching for the perfect wedding venue, a place to hold your rehearsal dinner or both and you’re near Fayetteville, NC, it would be worth your time to check out a beautiful winery estate located about 20 miles west of Fayetteville.

There are many great venue choices in and around the area, the place we are referring to is Cyprus Bend Vineyards.  They specialize in outdoor weddings on their beautiful estate and have much experience in providing the perfect wedding setting.

The place is completely professional and will work with you in your planning if you do decide to use their venue.

If you’re curious to learn more about the pricing, Cyprus Bend Vineyards charges? You will need to contact the business directly to find exact information on the costs.

What we can tell you is we have spoke to more than a few couples we used the venue for their wedding day and they gave the impression that the place was very affordable.

We would imagine the pricing, just as anything place would be effected by the specific services you would like to have included during your event.

If you have any specific questions and to set up an appointment to speak with the person who handles the planning, send an email to

We highly recommend atleast checking this place out if you’re planning a wedding and looking for a venue near Wagram or Fayetteville, NC.

If you would like to see some photos of past events to get a better idea on how the place looks visit their website page. You will find a decent amount of pictures showing different aspects, from the ceremony, how the grounds and vineyard look, to the table set up and decorations.

If you need the physical address and phone number, see below:

telephone: 910.369.0411
fax: 910.369.0484
21904 Riverton Road
Wagram North Carolina 28396

For other winery/vineyard wedding throughout the state of North Carolina visit here for our list of the best choices.

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