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Wine Around the Square -2014 Wine Tasting Event

Information on a October 2014 wine tasting event in North Carolina. This specific event is located in the city of Hayesville, NC, and takes place on October 3rd and last from 5 to 9 PM.

Hayesville is located in the southwestern region of the state, in the mountains near Nanatahala National Forest.

This is not a free event, there’s a $20 cover charge to attend.

There will be at least 10 different wineries from the area participating.  The main venue or starting point for the event is in a historical courthouse and the address can be found below:

2nd Annual Wine Around the Square
21 Davis Loop
Hayesville, NC 28904

The best person to contact about this event to ask your questions is  Sandy Zimmerman and to our knowledge the best way to reach her is by dailing one of the two following phone numbers:


The event is in it’s second year. The entrance point is though a historical courthouse but it opens up to a quaint little town square where visitor will find more than wine.

There will be local artist and also food vendors. And there will also be a musical concert put on from a local band starting at 7 PM.




Silver Coast Winery Weddings – Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Located near the North Carolina coast , situated in a beautiful woodland setting is a place name Silver Coast Winery. If you are currently planning a wedding, in or near Ocean Isle Beach, NC you may want to at least check this winery out as a possible venue.

If you are curious about pricing and the services they can provide you with on your wedding day, their contact information is as follows:

Silver Coast Winery
6680 Barbeque Road
Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469
(910) 287-2800 (phone)
(910) 287-4817 (fax)

Call to plan your’s today!!!

What We Can Tell You about The Services

Depending on your own personal, unique style, Silver Coast winery offers three distinct areas  on their estate to hold a wedding ceremony:

  • Inside in The Barrel Room
  • Outside in the Vineyard
  • Under Their Wedding Tent 

All of these different spot have a unique feel and style, the choice is completely up to you. Unless there’s a hurricane touching down, the coast of North Carolina has beautiful weather, highly recommended to have your ceremony in their beautiful vineyards, this is definitely a unique atmosphere.

If you are curious to learn more? What do they charge, what’s the price? How many people, how large of a wedding can you have here?  Actually we can answer how many people you can have at your event, they provide services for up to 130 people.

But You need to call or email to confirm things because things change and you can also negotiate to fit your needs:

Silver Coast Winery
6680 Barbeque Road
Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469
(910) 287-2800 (phone)
(910) 287-4817 (fax)

Or if you are in the area you can always drive by and stop in to talk with the owners .

It’s always nice and more productive to have a face-to-face talk with the people who will be providing you a service, you will get a better feel for what you can expect.

More than a Ceremony 

The service provided here extend beyond the ceremony, they also specialize in receptions, bridal parties and lunches and provide a wonderful experience for rehearsal dinners.

And don’t forget about the party wine tasting parties, this is a great way to get together with old friends and family members before your big day.

If you are unsure and want other great suggestion for outside wedding venues, visit our list page.

Search the web and ask around, you will find Silver Coast Winery is a place that comes highly recommended for weddings on the Coast of NC.

Water Parks to Visit in NC

If visiting a water park in North Carolina is what you plan to do then here you will find a list of the different indoor and outdoor places to visit. Also, before visiting or reservations make sure you do a little research since there are lots of ways you can take advantage of discounts and specials offered.

These specials change week to week and month to month. Throughout this page you will find links to the most current offers.

Top Water Parks in NC 

We want to cover all the different parks but first we want to list the ones we believe are the best:

Outdoor Water Parks

  •  Carowinds Boomerang Bay – located in Charlotte
  • Jungle Rapids in Wilmington
  • Wet’n Wild Emerald Pointe in Greensboro, NC

The Best Indoor Water Parks

  • Great Wolf Lodge Resort in Concord
  • Ray’s Splash Planet – Charlotte

Review of the Different Parks 

Carowinds Boomerang Bay - This is an Australian theme park adjunct to Carowinds Amusement park in Charlotte, NC. Boomerang Bay is quite big and also quite unique in its slides and multiple wave pools. There’s kiddie areas and plenty of food options. If you want to stay over for more than one day there are many different options from campground and rv parks to luxurious lodges.

Reviewed and pricing information 

Boomerang Address and Phone:

14523 Carowinds Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28273
704.588.2600 (From NC) or 803.548.5300

Jungle Rapids in Wilmington -Has received a very good rating from the majority of people who have visited. Jungle Rapids is much more than only a water park. Your kids will also love the go-karts, laser tag, mini golf, rock climbing walls and more. You can buy season passes for a low price. This is also a place to consider if you are planning a birthday party or group functions.

More about Jungle Rapids Attractions and Pricing Information

Address and Phone:

5320 Oleander Dr.
Wilmington N.C. 28403
910-791-0666 or 910-791-0888

Wet ‘n Wild Emerald Pointe –  Has received high ratings form hundreds of different visitors. If you are looking form the best water slides there are so many different ones to choose from at Wet N Wild in Emerald Pointe. You will find a 76 foot drop in there DareDevil Alley Drop or you can experience whate it feels like to go 40 miles per hour as you drop five stories in a tub on the Bonanza Pipeline. There’s a ton of other slides to choose from.

Read About All The Different Slides At Wet N Wild

Address and Phone:

3910 South Holden Road
Greensboro, NC 27406
Phone: 336 – 852 – 9721 or 800 – 555 – 5900

Get Discounts On NC Water Parks


Corkcicle Wine Chiller-Clear

Chill Wine From Inside The Bottle With The Corkcicle!

Corkcicle Classic Wine ChillerSo many new wine accessories and gadgets hit the market each and every year… And over the years, we have bought more than our fair share, from products that cool wine, open it, store it, tote it, and even decorate it with reindeer and Santa Claus!!! We have fallen for just about every piece of junk that has been put in front of us.

Not all of these products are junk but from our own experience the great majority are which has caused us to ultimately become huge skeptics on these little inexpensive products marketed to improve the wine experience!

Over the holidays, in a conversation with friends the Corkcicle Wine Chiller was mentioned . The next evening when we opened a bottle of wine the we got to see the Corkcicle in action for the first time. It actually worked.

Read More Reviews

How Does It Work?

This works for maintaining the the best temperatures for both white and red wines. For white wines just throw the Corkicle in the freezer for about 90 minutes and then pop it into your wine bottle just like a regular cork. For red wines that taste better at warmer conditions, just insert it at room temperature.

We went to Amazon to see how customers rated this product: Out of 322 reviews 206 gave it a 5-star rating and 57 gave it 4-stars. There were some people that gave it a 1-star and we will address what they had to say at the bottom of the page.

Corkcicle Classic Clear review

But Every So Often A Great Product Comes Along!

The Corkcicle Wine Chiller has been around for a couple of years but is just now growing in popularity. This is one that is worth spending the money on it costs right around $25. For the money it provides great value.

It comes in 5 or 6 different colors from white, blue and green and other colors.

The Corkcicle in our opinion is a nifty little product. If you are a person who opens up a lot of wine bottles and leaves them sitting on the table to warm it room temperature… It doesn’t taste so good after a while.

To potential solve your problem you should take a look at this product and read what hundreds of other people have to say positive about this proudct. We think its a winner, we think many people who first buy one will be back to buy a second or third.

See The Best Price

Raffaldini and Childress the Best Grape

Find the Best Grape at the end of the page!!!

We love helping visitors to are site learn more by reviewing the different wines and wineries located in the state of North Carolina but we also like to give credit to other sites that find the different wineries located in our state worth talking about. The other day I was reading the news and found a site named had wrote a review featuring two of our Yadkin Valley wineries, raffaldini & childress vineyards.

This is an excellent review of this two wineries with a few get pictures of what these places look like. Read their Review.

We have also wrote our own review on each of these wineries which you might be interested in reading: Raffaldini & Childress vineyards.

Bunky Cooks say what?

If you would rather stay right here on this page we will try to sum up some of the finer points this other website made about these two Yadkin Valley Wineries.

From reading their article the people at Bunky Cooks website are very knowledge about wines and have travel to many different countries in Europe and all across the United States visiting different wineries and learning as much as possible about wine grape cultivation. Seems like a very interesting website if you are looking to learn more about wines.

Read their Review

Their article on Raffaldini & Childress vineyards begins by speaking about the history of an historical Yadkin Valley as it once an area in the United States know mainly for growing tobacco. If you have ever heard the term, “Tobacco Road” this is the area that term is referring to. But with the down swing of the tobacco industry, the land owners needed to field another use for their land and many turned to cultivating wine grapes.

After speaking of the history of Tobacco the article then goes on to speak about the grapes grown in the vineyards at each of these wineries. It discusses the challenges the farmers face based on the soil type of the land and the climate of found in this area of North Carolina. From this we learn that the grapes here will produce wines that are very low in pH and this causes a challenge to winemakers to get the right balance of tannins and pH.

Which North Carolina grape does the Bunky Cook website believe is the best. They think you should try wines made from the Sangiovese grape.

Visit our homepage to find reviews of wineries in all areas of North Carolina.

List of Places in Raleigh NC

This page is for you people looking for information about different places in Raleigh, NC. Below, you will find an alphabetical list of many different places in he city with links that lead to more detailed and helpful information.

Whether you are looking for fine dining, a financial advisor, the best pizza in the city or an accountant you will find our recommendations below.

List of Places and Services in Raleigh

Ad agencies – Need help marketing your product or service? Looking for employment? See our list.

Apartments – Looking for a place to live? See our recommendations.

Airports – Need to travel?

Attorneys – Need help with a legal problem?

Bakeries – Cookies, cakes and other pastries. What could be more delicious?

Banks – Need to deposit your paycheck? Need a small business loan or a mortgage?

Bookstores – Find the best book or author signings.

butcher’s – Buy he best fresh meat.

Café – Enjoy the afternoon sipping on coffee or tea, try cakes or sandwiches.

craft market – Places to buy and sell hand made items.

Community Colleges

department store – The best places to shop for clothes, appliances and other items in Raleigh.

cinema/movies – Locations to see the lastest movies at the cheapest prices.

gym – Get fit and lose weight at the best gyms in the area.

hairdresser’s – For a simple haircut or for great style.

Wineries – A list of the best wineries located near the city of Raleigh

We started keeping track of the categories listed above in 2013. As new businesses and services move into the city we will update our lists.

Countertop Wine Cooler

Length x Width x Height: Do You Have Enough Space on the Counter? 

Searching for a counter top wine cooler can become difficult and confusing if you have no idea what to look for. And its very easy to end up with a model that isn’t exactly what you thought it was.

Here we provide information on the certain features and specifications that you should take into consideration before buying and also some suggestions on what we consider to be a few of the better counter top models on the market today.

What you will need to do first

It’s very important to know the dimensions (L x W x H) of the counter space you plan on using for your wine cooler so you can compare these to the dimensions of different models.

1. You want a counter top model right? So to make sure what you buy will actually fit and not hang over, you need to measure the width of your counter from front to back. You also need to decide if you want the cooler to take up the full with of your counter top or if you want some space left to maybe set the wine bottle or a glass. This is entirely up to you.

2. It would also be wise to measure the length. that is the amount of the space lengthwise until you meet a physical obstructs that might prevent you from making use of a wine cooler of a certain length.

3. Height could also become an issue. If your choose space is open to the ceiling then no problem but if there is something hanging over it, maybe a kitchen cabinet then you want to know how much room you have under it to place the cooler.

You also need to consider your budget and how many wine bottles you will want to store, do you see the number increasing in the near future?

Countertop Wine Cooler – Our Picks

We will be adding to this list as we have more time to review and evaluate more models:

Haier 8 Bottle Wine Cooler review1. Haier HVTM08ABS 8-Bottle Wine Cellar 

Width: 9.9 inches
Length: 16.2 inches
Height: 21.3 inches

Holds up to 8 bottles of wine and weighs just over 20 pounds.

Made from material and its color is black.

Read our full review


 best counter top wine coolers2. AVANTI 12 BOTTLE WINE COOLER

Width: 10 inches
Length:  20.2 inches
Height:  25.2 inches

This is a thermoelectric wine cooler with a very stlyish look. Curved glass and blue LED lights.

The colors of this Avanti counter top cooler (black and platinum) will accent any decor.

Read our full review.


For more information on wine coolers visit a buyer’s guide page