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Shelton Vineyards Weekend Packages

Planning to visit Shelton Vineyards in the Yadkin Valley of North Carolina for the weekend? If so, then the Hampton Inn located only a couple miles down the road is the #1 place you want to stay.

Not only is this Hampton Inn a fabulous hotel with 5-star ratings, if you know where and when to look you can also reserve your stay to include special offers tied into the the vineyards.  Not all people who decide to visit are aware of these special Shelton Vineyards Weekend Packages offered by the hotel.

This is the way to go of you plan on visiting Shelton Vineyards and staying for the weekend.

What’s included in the Special Weekend Packages?

First you should understand the packages are part of the Hampton Inn hotel deal, even though they work closely with Shelton Vineyards to make these packages the vineyards are in know way responsible for the packages. So you will need to contact the hotel to reserve yours and if you have further questions or even complaints you need to direct the questions to the hotel management.

The number to call is  336-353-9400.

There are a couple different packages offered throughout the year which are subject to change.

  • One package is open throughout the year and is called the Overnight Getaway Package. This is set-up for two people to enjoy and includes a nights stay ate the Hampton Inn and tours and tastings at Shelton Vineyards and 25% off any bottle of wine.

For dinner you will be treated to a multi-course meal (appetizers, main course, dessert and wine) at the Harvest Grill inside the winery.

This package should be offered throughout the calendar year for more information call 336-353-9400.

  • The second package is offered during the summer concert series, if you are interested in this you can reserve your spot at any time during the year. If you are interested then the earlier you schedule the better since this is a very popular event that takes place in the Dobson, NC area and fills up quickly.

It includes a room at the hotel, two tickets to the concert, tours and tasting at the vineyards, 25% a bottle of wine. And if you choose, you can also add dinner or breakfast at the Harvest Grill.

For more information on dates and prices call 336-353-9400 and specifically ask about the “summer concert series package”.

If oyu have never visited Shelton Vineyards in Dobson, NC and would like more information visit our review page.

Celebrate Thanksgiving in Rose Hill, NC

Come Celebrate Thanksgiving at the Oldest Winery in NC

The beginning of the holiday season is a great but also a very busy time of year for most of us. Friends come back into town! More friends come back to visit!!! Your family comes and more family comes!!! And don’t forget about Black Friday, :(. What a mess time consuming mess this can turn into.

If you are like us, every year we have Thanksgiving Dinner with our immediate family. It’s a tradition. After this there’s little time left to spend visiting with friends before we all head back to school and work.

How do you make time for Everyone?

If you want to spend some time and experience the Thanksgiving holiday with your friends then Duplin Winery located in the tiny town Rose Hill, NC will be hosting their 2nd annual Thanksgiving Dinner Feast on November 14th, 2013 from 5 – 8 PM.

Rose Hill is located near the cities of Fayetteville, Jacksonville and Wilmington, NC.

If you have never had the chance to visit Duplin winery, this is the oldest winery in North Carolina and not only does it have great wines but also a restaurant and offers a nice little gift shop to find unique trinkets.

More about Duplin’s Thanksgiving Feast

This will be a family friendly event and the founder’s of the winery will be present to celebrate with you.

The price is $35 but well worth it.

What type of food will be served? This will include all the classic Thanksgiving foods: Turkey, Stuffing, Marsh potatoes and more.

The event begins at 5 PM on the 14th where there will be cocktails served in the museum. Then at 6 PM you will head to the dinning hall for the classic dinner.

The event ends at 8 PM.

Not only will there be a ton of great foods to enjoy but there will also be acoustic holiday music and many great wines.

Maybe you will find a new favorite wine? Maybe you will find one that you think a friend would love, pick them up a case for their Christmas present

Learn more about the different events occurring in North Carolina this Fall of 2013.

Fall 2013 Winery Events in the Yadkin Valley

From September to November to the end of the 2013 Fall season there are many events taking place at the wineries in North Carolina’s Yadkin Valley. If you’re familiar with this region located in the Northwest corner of the state then you already know how beautiful the fall season is here. If you will be visiting for the first time then you’re in for a treat.You will find the list of winery events further down the page.

Not only are there many wineries within close proximity of each other(around 40) making it easy for you to visit more than one but there’s also a ton other activities. This is a great place to visit if you like camping and cabins, hiking in the Blueridge mountains, fishing, biking, golfing and horseback riding. You will also find art and music festivals. Unique shopping. Historic Museums. You can even visit the historic town of Mayberry, home to Andy Griffin!!! :-P

Visiting the Yadkin Valley will make a memorable experience any time of the year but the colors in the Fall make this season very unique here. Many people consider this one of the most beautiful places in the United States to visit if you want to experience the beautiful colors of the Fall season.

List Fall 2013 winery events in the Yadkin Valley Wine Region

Not a complete list only the best. If you need more information on the winery like directions and location you can click through to the review page.

Shelton Vineyards – The largest winery in the area will be holding their Annual Holiday Open House on Saturday and Sunday (Nov 23th and 24th 2013) from noon to 5 PM . Admission is free. There will be caroling through the winery and vineyards, special prices on wines, hayrides, spiced wines, local arts and crafts ( a lot of gift ideas). There will also be a special dinner served at their Harvest Grill. Learn more about Shelton Vineyards.

McRitchie Winery and CiderWorks - Located in Thrumond, NC this family friendly establishment will be having two events worth checking into.

  • October 26th - Harvest Party
  • November 15th through January 15th - Deck the Halls an event put on with other local wineries

For more information on either of these events call Patricia McRitchie at 336-874-3003. Or read the review

Round Peak Winery – Located in Mt Airy, NC will have a full day of events on October 26th. Are you a running a walker? Then you should join either the 5K race are vineyard walk starting at 11am on the 26th. Later on that evening will be Howl-o-wine at Round Peak and you can even bring your dog. This Halloween event will feature costume contests, bonfires, music, a corn hole contest :oops: and much more. Check out the Round Peak review page for address and directions.

Grassy Creek Vineyard and Winery – A very pleasant place to visit with many events going on in the months of Oct and Nov. Too many events to mention. Many on the weekend some during the week. Check the 2013 events calendar on their website.

This list will be added to as we learn more 2013 Fall events.

Halloween in Old Salem

Believe it or not, there was no Halloween in Winston-Salem 

Its hard to believe the North Carolina town made infamous for witches trails actually started to celebrate Halloween much later than most towns in the United States. But this actually make perfect sense. If you were living in a town of people that went absolutely crazy over the presence of witches would you be so bold to begin celebrating the holiday?

Feel free to read more about the trails on the Wikipedia page. Even if this city had no historical connection to Halloween its still the most spooky place to be at this time of year.

We live in the 21st century we can but all that witch nonsense behind us, right?

Halloween Events in Old Salem

There may be no historical connection but once the people of the city felt safe that they wouldn’t be hung for being accused of being an evil spirit they sure did embrace this time of year. The city is full of events now. Find what’s being staged in October of 2013 below:

Legends and Lanterns - Regular haunted houses can not compare. If spooky is your thing or you just love seeing other people spooked then come walk by lantern on historic streets of Old Salem. You will be led to different stop where you will ghastly tales. This takes place on the night of Oct 25th and 29th from 6 pm to 9 pm. There is a fee to join the tour: $20 adult and $15 for children. Meet at the Horton Museum Center to begin the tour

Pumpkin Carving – This is an event for children and begins at 10 AM and lasts till 4 PM on Oct 26th at Salem Square. Show off your pumpkin carving talents the pumpkins are free and prizes will be awarded but you will need to bring your own carving tools. A great time to spend with the kids

Trick or Treat in Old Salem – An event to make Halloween safe and enjoyable for the youth. Oct 27th from 6 PM to 7:30 PM at the Old Salem Museum. Includes trick or treating in the historic area where adults will be stationed at different doors supplying the candy.

See a list of the different events we recommend.

Caldwell County Fair – September 2013

The biggest Pigs, Fast Rides, Live Music and a Family Atmosphere come join the fun this September in Caldwell County North Carolina 

Some say the Caldwell County Agricultural Fair dates back to the 1800′s as farmers marketplace when farmers would gather in the fall to learn about the newest innovations in farming. Very possible but as far as we know the first officially documented one took place in the year 1946.

If you have never attended an Agricultural fair these are great family friendly usually held in the fall season as a way to celebrate the community and harvest. These are both a lot fun and also quite educational for youth and also adults. North Carolina has a long history of many different Agricultural fairs throughout the state.

The main theme of the Caldwell County Fair is centered around agricultural. There will be lots of animals. There will be livestock competitions and agricultural exhibits. But also a lot of great rides, bright lights and live music. And there’s also plenty of great food and many other interesting things to see, do and learn.

The fair will be held one again in 2013 from Tuesday September 24 through Saturday September 28th.

Where and when: Caldwell County Fairgrounds: 2461 Fairgrounds Road Lenoir, NC 28645

  • Tuesday-Friday the hours will be 5 PM to 11 PM
  • On the last day Saturday the Fair will begin at 1 PM and end at 11 PM

Is there an admission fee?

Yes but its very small. Last year it was $5 for adults and $3.50 for kids under the age of 18. We do expect the admission fee to be the same or very close to the same in 2013.

How many people will attend the fair: Over 10,000 people are expected to attend this year with the busiest days being Friday and Saturday.

If you can’t make this event but still are looking for something fun to do with your family and friends this fall you can visit are 2013 fall events page to learn about more things taking place around the state of North Carolina that might better fit into your busy schedule.

North Carolina 2013 Fall Events

The Fall season a time of Harvest and Celebration in North Carolina. Find a list of events below 

It would take a team of writers to list and review all the hundreds and hundreds of events, big and small, that will be taking place this 2013 Fall season. Below is a list of a handful of what are considered the best and most worthwhile events and festivals taking place throughout the state of North Carolina this year.

This site primarily focuses on wineries so you will find many things happening at wineries on the list but you will also find much more.

We hope you enjoy this Fall season.

North Carolina 2013 Fall Events List

Asheville Events:

Hank Williams Lost Highway – A musical biography put on at the Flat Rock Playhouse in Asheville. If you’re a Hank fan then you should not miss this musical event. The story on stage is set to over 20 of the best Hank Williams songs. As you enjoy the music you will also learn about his life growing up, his successes, his failures and his troubles. The event runs from October 2nd – November 3rd. Visit the official site for more information.


Palisades Halloween Festival - This is a free family friendly event with a lot fun features. Pick and decorate pumpkins, painted faces, a costume contest, food and beverages and one of the best haunted houses in the Charlotte NC area. The event takes place on Saturday October 12th 2013 from 2 – 5 PM. For more information and directions to the event please visit the official website.

Raleigh Fall 2013 Events

Burning Lights Tour - October 20th 2013 Christian Music at the Booth amphitheater. Its Chris Tomlin and his Burning Lights Tour. With number #1 hits like “Whom Shall I fear”, “Our God”, “How Great is our God” Chris is without a doubt one of the very best this music genre has ever seen. Table seats cost $35 and lawn seats cost $25. For more information call  919-459-8319.

Fall in the Yadkin Valley

A list of the events taking place at the different wineries in the Yadkin Valley.

Harvest Festival Kickoff at Shelton Vineyards – A family friendly evening of bonfires and hayrides and also a lot of great food. Takes place on Friday Oct 11th at 6:30 pm. Learn about reservations

Caldwell Country NC Agricultural Fair - Join the celebration of the community and harvest at one of North Carolina’s oldest fairs running from Tuesday September 24th through Saturday the 28th. Livestock Competition, arts and crafts, bright lights and rides, and plenty of great food. More Information.

Edwin McCain Concert - This concert is on November 8th in Elkin, NC at the Liberty. Edwin is an American singer and song writer.

Yadkin GO FAR 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run – Are you a runner looking for a challenge this Fall? Some of the areas best runners will be participating in this Fall 2013 5k and 1 mile run, so you better lace your shoes up tight. This takes place on November 16th at 9:00 am at the Yadkin Valley Community Hospital. To register for the race call 336-679-7962. You must register by Nov 11th.

Four Seasons Wine Tasting Dinners - At the beginning of every new season the people at Raffaldini Vineyards located in Ronda, NC (Yadkin Valley just west of Winston-Salem) hold a special wine tasting event with foods and wines specially selected to match the season. On October 5th will be their Autumn event. You can review this event and see the dinner menu and planned wines on their winery website.

Winston-Salem Fall 2013 events

Halloween in Old Winston Salem – A city famous for its 17th century witch trails. But for a long time after, Halloween wasn’t celebrated here like it was in other parts of the United States. Would you want to get hung for dressing like a witch or ghost??? But in the 21st century things have changed… Winston-Salem has become one of the most active and spookiest cities to celebrate this holiday in. Events in 2013.

On the North Carolina Coast

Thanksgiving Feast – Come to Duplin Winery in Rose Hill, NC for their 2nd annual Thanksgiving Celebration on Nov 14th


Fall 2013 Dinner, Bonfire and Hayrides at Shelton Vineyards

Enjoy the Fall season during the height of the Foliage at Shelton Vineyards as they kick off the Harvest Festival with a fireside Dinner and Hayride

The 2013 Fall season is rolling in fast and then before you know it another holiday season will be upon you. But there is really nothing quite like the experience the  colors, smells, and sounds nature provides of in the autumn months. Do you agree? Then do yourself a favor take sometime and bring your family and freidns to the Harvest Festival at Shelton Vineyards this year.

When: Friday October 11th, 2013. From 6:30 PM to 8:30PM

Where: Shelton Vineyards in Dobson NC. Located in the Yadkin Wine Valley region of North Carolina. 

What to expect: This is a fireside dinner – buffet prepared by the professional Chef at Shelton Vineyards, Chef Paul.

The menu:

  • Chef Paul’s famous Chili
  • Delicious Chicken Stew
  • Southern Styled Cornbread and Biscuits
  • Cheddar Cheese Fondue
  • Apples, figs and other fruits and vegetables
  • Warm Bread
  • Gather around the fire to make your S’mores (always a treat)

For refreshments: Water, sodas and cider. And even hard cider. Wine can be purchased by the glass or bottle.

Hayrides at the Shelton Vineyard Harvest Festival

Besides dinner and a campfire, you, your family and friends will also be taken on a hayride through the vineyards at Shelton.

If you have yet to visit this this vineyard/winery then you are definitely in for a treat, the grounds are absolutely beautiful. There’s a huge pond out back and acres and acres of vineyards. This is a very impressive place to visit. If you have never visit this vineyard we have a full review on our site.

Cost: Per adult is$18.95. Children under 12 $9.95. Not a bad price for a delicious dinner prepared by a professional chef. Plus a hayride and bonfire. And getting to experience the beauty of these vineyards at the height of the fall foliage.

If you would like to make your reservations because I am sure numbers are limited, you can either call or email:

Phone: (336)366-4724 or Email:

Note: If you do make reservations for this fall event please be aware you will need to cancel 48 hours before the event starts or else you will receive no refund.

This events starts at 6:30 PM on October 11th, 2013. So this mean you will have to cancel, at the very latest October 9th by 6:30 PM.

Return to our homepage to learn more about the wineries and events and many other things in North Carolina.