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Brew and View Asheville



If you’re just visiting Asheville, please don’t go to Brew and View!!! I warn you, if you do decide to not listen to my advice and go, you will have a great time but you will also be left wishing you had one of these in the city you’re from. So stay away and save yourself the heart break :cry:.

What is Brew and View Asheville?

Ok maybe its a 4.8 or a 4.9 rating but I love this place, the inside is amazing, so I gave it a 5 out of 5 star rating!!

For one, this is a pizza heaven. Voted the best pizza in western North Carolina. Giant pizzas, with cheese and toppings dripping off the side, you will not be able to control this. After eating a pizza here you will never be able to eat a frozen pizza out of your freeze again, so save yourself.

But a visit here is about more than the best pizza in North Carolina!!!

The beers!!! Handcrafted. This place has some of the best beers you can get in the entire state of North Carolina!!! Great place for beer drinkers who also love pizza. Or just beer drinkers who like to drink beer :-P.

But what else is here?

Brew and View is also a great place to catch a movie, hence the word VIEW in its name. They showcase some of the most current and best movies. And guess what… The tickets are cheap!!! Like $3 to see a movie. This is a family friendly environment so you can take the kids.

Brew and View in Asheville has two different locations:

  1. 675 Merrimon Avenue, North Asheville
  2. 77 Coxe Avenue, Downtown Asheville

If you’re searching for “Brew and View” in Asheville, this was the original name of the establishment that’s now, Asheville Pizza & Brewing Company. You got it right, the locals still call it by the old name.

It doesn’t matter what you call it, this is the best place in Asheville and the state for pizza, beer and movies!!!

Visit the official Brew and View site.

The Lake Norman Festival

The third annual Lake Norman Festival takes place, Saturday, Oct 20th 2012. Lasting from noon to 6 pm. Volunteers from the  North Mecklenburg Rotary club will be working the event. The event has been both great fun and successful raising money for good causing the past two years, we expect nothing less this year.

The event will take place under tents on the lawn of the former Palace theater. But of course you will not be required to stay under the tents, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Lake Norman area.

Join the fun on Lake Norman this Saturday, should be a great way to spend your Saturday afternoon. There will be live music performed the father and son team of  The Mike Underwood Band.

Plenty of wine, beer and food to enjoy and also a great time with all those who will be attending.

Over 2000 people attended last years event. And it was a great success raising over $7,000, which was donated to places such as: The Hope House Foundation and Angels and Sparrows Soup Kitchen.

Both wineries and breweries from around the will be at the event.  As of right now 8 wineries and breweries will be at the event such as: Daveste Vineyards, West Bend Vineyards and Brewery, Round Peak Vineyard, Birdsong Brewery to name a few. And others are expected to be signing-up to participate.

There will also be plenty of food at this event. A wide variety of food to choose from, as different food vendors will be serving the hungry crowd. to name a few, Smoke & Go BBQ, Sahlen’s Hot Dogs & Sausages, La Pasadita Mexican Fare and Clover Joe’s will be there serving food.

Tickets for this event are $25 per person and $22 if you bring a canned food. For this admission price you will get unlimited tastings of the wine and beer and also a souvenir glass.

But you will have to purchase the food form the vendors. This is a great charitable event, hope to see you there.

If you are interested in learning about the different wineries in North Carolina, you can find information on our homepage.


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