Best Wine Cooler Review Guide

For nearly two decades we have spent an enormous amount of time inside wineries, talking with the owners, bartenders and wine lovers. We have also attended 100′s of different wine competitions, events and product shows.

Its amazing how much we have learned from the people we have met and spoke with over the years. We decided to share some of  what we have learned over the years by putting together a wine cooler review guide to help consumers make more informative decisions. We will address many of the most common questions about the different brands, types and the different features included with the top coolers and wine refrigerators.

How to Pick the Best Cooler for You 

#1 The first thing you need to decide is what type of cooler best fits you. Many different types exist. Below is a list and description of the most common types:

Single Zone Cooling - These are fairly simple and very similar to a kitchen refrigerator built specifically built for storing wine. Single zone coolers offer only one temperature setting and are usually the less expensive option. It’s true, different reds and whites are best served at specific temperatures but if you only have a small collection of wines the single zone is probably the best choice.

Dual Zone Cooling - These have two separate storage compartments and each can be set to a different temperatures. If you have an extensive collection of wines which need to be stored at different temperatures then you should consider a dual zone.

Built-In Wine Coolers – These are built to fit seamlessly into spaces like cabinets and dishwashers fit in your kitchen. This type comes in both the single zone and dual zone and are usually the most expensive option.

Portable and Handheld Chiller – These could be anything from a simple ice bag to carry your wine to something much more high tech that chills your wine instantly. From the most part these are devices you can carry and are good for chilling one or two bottles of wines. These are usually the least expensive type of cooler but offer high convenience.

#2 Price: After deciding on the type of wine cooler that best fits your needs you need to decide how much money you are willingly to spend. You can then browser the different options to find one that meets your requirements in type and price. 

#3 Brand and features: This is your final decision. After you have narrowed your choices down to a few, according to the type and price, then you should start looking at the different features. And always before you should at least read a few customer reviews on the company that makes the product. Amazon is a great place to read product reviews.

Reviews and Top Picks for each type of Wine Cooler

Single Zone Cooler

Dual Zone Cooling 

Built-In Wine Cooler

Portable Chillers


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