Best North Carolina Red Wines

For whatever reason – you want a good red wine – for drinking, cooking, collecting…  Whatever reason it may be. You could visit your nearest grocery store’s wine section to find exactly what you need. But you may want to try a different route which will allow you to explore the many different red wines made in the state of North Carolina.

This different route to find the best red wines would be visiting a North Carolina winery. Maybe you already have visited one of these? If you are a person who never has you might be wondering if there are even any nearby where you live?

Since there are over 100 wineries in NC, so there’s a very good chance there’s one, if not more nearby. To make it is for you, find a list of cities and areas below with links to pages naming and describing the best red wines and which winery produces these.

Locations and Advantages

There are more than a few advantages of buying at red wines at the wineries which make these: Prices (no high mark-ups you pay at a store) and compared to talking with a stock boy at a store, you will be able to ask questions and learn from the experts about recommendations, food-wine pairing, serving and storage tips.

If learning more about the wines produced in the state sounds good to you then below we have a section which allow you to choose the area or nearby city. Click over to a page to find a list of the best red wine var

Near Raleigh Charlotte
Winston-Salem The Smoky Mountains
On The Coast Northern North Carolina
Eastern NC Southern NC

Besides low prices for a bottle or case and being able to learn from experts there are two other advantages that can be had by buying from a winery.

A lot of these will have win clubs that you can join which will allow you to save even more money and also introduce you to to other great varietals. And once you do find a favorite many of these places have websites where you can order online and have the wine delivered to your doorstep.

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