Best Burgers in Winston Salem

Did you know May is national burger month? This probably has something to do with people across the country finally being able to get back to grilling after a long cold winter. So we decided to commemorate this month by highlighting a few of our favorite restaurants to best burgers in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 

There are many different styles of hamburgers to choose from: Gourmet and steakhouse, to old fashion and fast-food and even veggie burgers. We could do a write up on the top places in each of these categories and maybe we will later. For now we will only mention the overall best places to eat.

If you are new to the city we hope you try our suggestions. And if you are native to the city I’m sure a few of you will disagree with our opinions just as you have in other things we have recommended. Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Big Daddy’s Burger Bar - This place specializes in creating new and delicious styles of hamburgers. The helpings are generous, you definitely will not leave hungry. The menu includes about 15 different custom styles, they even make a perfectly cooked shrimp burger. Besides their custom creations, you can also create your own, their menu includes a list of about 40 different options and toppings to choose from.

  • Located at: 504 Hanes Mall Blvd, Winston Salem, NC 27103.

Big Daddy’s is also a great place for enjoying a few drinks and provides both friendly service and a great atmosphere. You will definitely be coming back if you go here once.

Tipsy’z Tavern & Grill  Located just west in the small city of High Point, NC. The only time this place will leave you disappointed is if you can’t get a parking spot. It’s usually pretty pack and with good reason, they serve delicious food at great prices. Tipsy’z is a regular at winning area awards for what comes out of their kitchen.

  • Located at: 805 Westchester Dr High Point NC 27262

Tipsy’z is a great neighborhood style restaurant.  You will find more than just burgers on their menu but the burgers are the main reason people come back. They have signature burgers and also 5 different STUFFED burgers. You will find healthy options on the menu as well, many different salads and veggie meals to choose from.

We mentioned you will find great dinning prices here. Take a look at there menu to see the selection and prices.

The Next Two Places

Listed above Big Daddy’s and Tipsy’z, these are the restaurants you want to go if you are wanting a place to sit-in and dine with a nice atmosphere. But not everyone wants this.

The following two places listed below are the top choices for those people on the go, who want something fast but good to take with them. Although they do have tables you can eat in at.

We we say fast, we don’t mean fast food, like McDonald’s or Burger King. And the quality of food is much better.

Five Guys Burgers - If we were giving the best fries award Five Guys would also be at the top of the list. I love this place and went there quite often on my lunch breaks from work. I believe this franchise originated out of the Columbus, Ohio area in the 1980′s.

Have you heard of it? It’s has become more and more popular. They do have tables so you can eat inside, many people also visit here for their take out. They will cook your hamburger and fries right in front of you in about 10 to 15 minutes. Just walk in and choose your toppings and they will put it on the grill.

Two Locations:

  • 3273 Robinhood Rd Winston-Salem, NC (336) 760-2660
  • 3792 Creekshire Ct Winston-Salem, NC (336) 765-0944

The fry portions are huge and also homemade, not from a frozen bag.

Cookout in Winston Salem - This is a great overall BBQ place and also has some tasty hamburgers but much more on the menu. If you like shakes along with your food the place has a huge selection of different shake flavors

There’s three different locations located throughout Winston-Salem:

  • 3103 Peters Creek Pkwy, Winston-Salem, NC (336) 650-0059
  • 4505 Kester Mill Rd, Winston-Salem, NC (336) 760-3350
  • 245 Summit Point Ln Winston-Salem, NC (336) 377-2092

Tell us what you think about are list of the best burger joints in the city. 

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