Bannerman Vineyard in Burgaw, NC

Bannerman Vineyard NC

I have visited more than 90% of the North Carolina wineries reviewed on this site but Bannerman Vineyard in Burgaw, NC is not one of these. But without compromising my integrity I think it’s OK if I give you the vitals such as: Address, phone number, what other people say online about Bannerman Vineyards and also how I feel about this establishment after reading their website and reviews…

Is that fair of me? If the owners of the winery every happen to read this I would be happy to give you a full review if you send me a bottle of wine I can taste test :lol: or invite me for a visit!!!

This winery is located about 10 miles from the coast of North Carolina:

2624 Stag Park Road
Burgaw, NC 28425

Hours: Saturday hours 9:00 am–6:00 pm
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The winery has one of the oldest traditions of making muscadine wine in the state.

Online reviews

As I said above I have never visited Bannerman Vineyards here’s what others say

The reviews seem positive:

Jill, Raleigh NC – Rates this winery as excellent and says this is a great place to go and relax.

Bruce, Toledo, OH – Went here as I was vacationing on the coast of NC, the wines are yummy.

Susan, Winston-Salem – I make my own wine and buy my grapes from Bannerman Vineyards. The grapes are high quality and the prices are great, I wouldn’t think of buying grapes from any other vineyard. Very nice owners as well.

Cristina M, Bakersfield, Ca – Not to sound like a wine snob but being from California I have been exposed to many great vineyards, I was very surprised by how beautiful the vineyards were at Bannerman.

My Take

Researching this winery really makes me want to visit. It looks like a fine winery with a nice selection of wines and very well kept vineyards.

They have been growing grapes and making wine since 1973 so you should expect some high quality wines when visiting. Their wines are also carried by more than one store, further leading me to believe their wines are quality.

You will find muscadine wines here but also traditional red and white wines.  Also, a couple fruit wines, blueberry and strawberry.

Never visited  Bannerman Vineyard but the place has all the signs of quality wines. You can really find some gems at small wineries that either do not have the budget to market themselves or the interest in growing into a big winery.

I would recommend checking this place out.

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