Avanti 166 Bottle Wine Cooler Reviews

We will not reccomend this one but will give you the best alternatives

Avanti produces many very nice small to mid-size wine cooler models but in our opinion they dropped the ball with their larger model, the Avanti 166 Bottle Wine Cooler. But still, people buy this model. And the reason the model is still bought is due to the very attractive price tag. You can find it online from $900 to $1150. Most cooler of this size cost $1500 to over $2000.

It’s exactly what you need!!! And compared to other wine coolers that have the capacity to hold 100+ bottles of wine the price is excellent!!! This is all true but there are more than a few common problems and inconveniences that come with this great price as well. But before we mention these take a look at the image below showing how this cooler is rated by amazon customers. Twelve customers rated this 166 bottle wine cooler model and out of twelve, six customers gave it a 1-star rating. Definitely is not good and below the model we will mention some of the specific problems. If you do want a big wine cooler which is capable of holding 100 or more bottles we do have a few recommend models further down the page.

Reviews Avanti 166 Bottle Wine Cooler







Review of the common problems – Avanti 166 Bottle Wine Cooler

  • Here are just a few problems mentioned about this model. If you would like to read more specifics.
  • Unreliable failed after 2.5 years.
  • Compressor failed after 2 years .
  • One customers says that unit froze their wine.
  • Broken after 6 months.
  • Arrived non functional
  • Extremely difficult to get serviced

Something else that you might need to know IF you are still thinking of purchasing this wine cooler model is the drawers hold 166 bottles BUT as one customer said its only for 750 mL wine bottles.

We could go… But it is clear the majority of customers have had their fair share of problems with this model. Read more on what past customers have said.

Top 3 Alternatives to the Avanti 166 Bottle Wine Cooler 

If you are already planning to spend around or over $1000 then you may want to consider spending a little more to ensure you purchase a high quality cooler. Below is just a short list of good alternatives.

These all have more favorable customer reviews than the Avanti model and should still be in your price range:

166-Bottle EdgeStar Built-In Compressor Wine Refrigerator

166 Bottle EdgeStar

Allavino 107 Bottle Single-Zone Wine Cellar Refrigerator

 Allavino Bottle Single Zone Wine Cellar Refrigerator


Kingsbottle 120 Bottles Compressor Wine Cellar with Two Temperature Zones Kingsbottle 120 Bottles Compressor Wine Cellar with Two Temperature Zones




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