Adams Vineyard NC

 3390 John Adams Road
 Willow Spring, NC 27592
Tues-Sat 11:00-6:00
Sundays 2:00-6:00


Adams Vineyards



Located just south of Raleigh, in the village of Willow Spring, NC. Adams Vineyards is a small, friendly family owned winery, that’s relatively new to the North Carolina wine scene.

Definitely not a place to go if your looking for serious wining and dining. But, if you are trying to find a new favorite bottle of wine, Adams Vineyard definitely has a nice selection of wines to taste.

Learn a little more about this winery in Willow Spring, NC.


The wine is definitely the strength of this winery

For three years straight Adams Vineyards has had a wine place in the top three at the North Carolina state Fair competition:

2009 – Revolution Red Reserve
2010 – Apple Reserve
2011 – PaPa Johnny’s White Bliss

Also, if you’re looking for a muscadine wine, this winery has a selection of three different varieties of muscadines.

1. A dry red muscadine.
2. A medium bodied with hints of blackberry.
3. A semi-sweet muscadine.

The wine is above average and reasonably priced at Adams Vineyards.


You can definitely find a good bottle of wine here but if you’re looking for a winery that can also provide a nice dining experience then you will want to look elsewhere…

The most you will find at Adams Vineyards are cheese plates. And they also have homemade chocolates. Nothing wrong with this, just not a place for dining.


The owners are both friendly and knowledgeable on the subjects of wine making and wine and food pairing.

Inside, nothing really spectacular, you will find a room with tables where you can sit and enjoy your favorite bottle of wine.

Outside, you will find picnic tables, this is a nice relaxing setting to enjoy a bottle of wine. You can sit back and enjoy the scenery or if you want you can bring a lunch.

The outside setting is perfect when the weather is nice.


This is a relatively new winery, not sure what their future plans are but as of now their is not entertainment offered at the winery.


Adams Vineyard does offer services for weddings, business meetings,private parties and other special events.

The events can be held inside (capacity 100) or outside on the patio.

Visit this wineries events page for more information. 

Grape Stomp

The Grape Stomp festival held yearly in the month of September.

This is great fun and is exactly what it sounds like. They put a bunch of grapes in a large bucket and you get to stomp on them. They always crown a champion, maybe this year it will be you!!!

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