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I am originally from Ohio but moved to North Carolina in 1996. My friends call me, “The Carolina Wine guy”, the name actually kind of annoys me!!!  But it’s fitting, since I work closely with many of the wineries in North Carolina.

My job basically involves me traveling around the state and also to neighboring states (Tennessee,  Virginia,  South Carolina)  with the objective and goal of promoting the different wines made here in North Carolina.

One day in Asheville, I was speaking to a customer, providing him with information on locations of different wineries and what types of wines, foods, entertainment and events he could expect when visiting these different establishments. I was also going on tangents about nearby attractions and places to stay.

After listening to me go on and on, probably for a good 20 minutes… He looked at me and said with a smile, “Listening to you talk is annoying but you sure do know a lot about the North Carolina wine industry”. 

Leaving that day and driving back to where I was staying for the night, I began to wonder how I could better share all of the information that I knew about the wine industry and the other information I gain from travelling around the state.

My friend suggested I create a website where I can share this information to locals and tourists a like.

After mulling over my friends idea for a couple of weeks, I began to realize creating a website would be the perfect medium for me. My job has me on the road a lot, so many nights I just go to may hotel room and watch TV, which becomes fairly boring, night after night.

So now, instead of watching all the crap on TV, I go back to my room and open up my lap top and write about a different winery or attraction that I have visited, or maybe even about a hotel I stay in.

A couple other decent sites to find information on are:

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Carolina Wine Guy

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