Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is one of the most common and most profitable games in any casino. In best online blackjack real money, you can get an advantage over a gambling establishment, which makes it so popular. The article provides a basic online blackjack real money strategy. With its help, you can reduce the advantage of the casino to 0.5, and professionals who can count cards can deduce the mathematical expectation in plus and earn up to 5 of the number of average bets.

Basic Strategy Rules: Examples

The following are examples of the correct application of the basic online blackjack real money Reddit strategy:

Case 1: The dealer shows his first card in denominations of two, three, four, five or six. Most likely he will lose: according to the rules of blackjack, the dealer must take cards until he gets 17 points or more. And the likelihood that the dealer will talon court cards or dozens (cards with ten points) is quite high, there are most of them in the deck.

Player actions: According to the rules of the basic strategy, when a dealer has a card from two to four, a player with eleven points or less should draw cards without the possibility of busting – stopping at 12 or higher. And if the dealer shows a card from five to six, a player with ten and eleven points should do a double. This is the best online blackjack real money PayPal strategy.

Situation 2: The dealer shows his first card with a value of seven, eight, nine or ten. As a result, he will most likely score seventeen, eighteen, nineteen or twenty points.

Player Actions: In this situation, the player must score more points than the dealer before drawing ten. For example, if the dealer showed seven, the player needs to score 17 points exactly or more.

Situation 4: At some point, the player decides that the casino creators are not stupid and that the dealer’s strategy is perfect for online blackjack with real money. He begins to adhere to the same rules: he draws cards to 17 and does not stop even at 16 points.

Player Actions: When the dealer shows cards from 2 to 6, the chances of winning are reduced. In other cases (7, 8, 9, 10, and ace), the strategy of drawing as many (dealer card + 10) and more points is statistically justified by online blackjack real money reviews. It also makes sense to draw a card with 16 points.

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