3 Countries Where Online Casinos Are Well Developed

EU is the most promising and fast-growing market for gaming today. The key factor determining this place of the Old World is the most liberal system of legislative regulation and taxation. In this review, we explored the gaming markets of three European countries where online casino gaming is especially developed.

Going Global

Europe is the most economically developed region with the highest and fastest-growing GDP, bringing about a quarter of the income of the entire gaming business. According to the report of the British consulting agency GBGC, the global gambling market attracts $525 billion annually. Accordingly, the European gambling market is approximately $130 billion.

The fastest-growing segment of the European gaming market is online gaming, which is growing at 15 annually. This is the maximum figure compared to other regions of the world. Gaming is legalized in all EU countries, the system of supervision and control is well-established, lawmakers are constantly adopting amendments, depending on changing market trends.

The United Kingdom

Gaming is currently regulated in accordance with the Gambling Act, 2005, including lotteries, casinos, slot machines, etc. The UK gaming industry represents a significant part of the entire economy and brings in more than £2.3 billion in GDP. In total, more than 214,000 people are employed in this business, and the income is estimated at £1 billion annually.

Online casino games are completely legal in the country. People can play online casino games for fun or for real cash. The Gambling Commission is the main observing and regulating body in this sphere.  


All gaming business in Italy is state-owned. The establishment of private casinos, gaming houses, and slot machines is prohibited by law. Gaming establishments in Italy are located exclusively along the perimeter of the state’s border, “intercepting” the Italians intending to play in Monte Carlo, France, Slovenia or Switzerland.

Another legislative innovation adopted in July 2011 was the legalization of online casino games for money in Italy. The law allows operators to obtain licenses and open legal establishments on the Internet to offer online casino legal services. The annual gaming revenue in Italy is approximately 60 billion Euros.


France is the leader in the number of casinos. Slot machines and gaming houses are allowed in the country. Today, casinos are an excellent mechanism that distributes cash between players. Almost every visitor of regular or online casino live wins. All types of gaming in France are regulated by special police – Sous Direction des Courses et des Jeux. The Ministry of Justice gives permission for the operation of a casino.

In Conclusion

Due to the developed legislation, each regular or online casino no deposit brings a significant profit to States. You can simply open the favorite website, choose the online casino game, and enjoy your pastime. French, Italian, Spanish, British, and other markets are ready to please you with favorable offers and promotions. Don’t miss the opportunity to get the maximum of it. Good luck!

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