Best Wineries to Visit in the Boone NC Area

The town of Boone is located in Western North Carolina in an area called the Yadkin Valley Wine Region. This is a national recognized wine region with many beautiful vineyards to visit. Nearby Boone you will find a diverse choice of wineries ranging from simple to wineries with restaurants and great lodging.

If you’re wondering about the styles of wines you will find in this region, the grapes grow here produce wines that are comparable to European styles. The video below mentions a few of the wineries located near the Boone NC area. Further down the page you will find more information about these individual wineries and links to more in depth reviews .

The video goes through just a few wineries located very nearby the city. All that were mentioned are maybe a 2-3 miles drive from the city. Belwo the map that shows there location Is a list in case you didn’t write them down as you watched.

If you need driving directions or would like to read a more in depth review of any of the wineries there are links provided.

Wineries in the Boone NC Area

All listed below are located close enough together, less than a mile apart. You could create your own mini wine trail. problem visiting all three in one day. And if these three are not what you are looking for you may want to take a look at all the different wineries in the Yadkin Valley.

  • Grandfather Vineyard & Winery - Out of the three choices this is definitely the simplest winery. But don’t confuse simple with not worth visiting. Your not going to find a five-star restaurant here or lodging. But you will find a beautiful winery and vineyard nestled in the in the Bluje Ridge Mountains and some great wines to boot. This is also a place for an occasional good event and they are also a very good wedding venue. Read more.
  • 1861 Farmhouse Restaurant & Winery - Lunch and dinner is served here. You will find anything from pull pork, hamburgers, steak to spinach quiche (very delicious). Or if you’re not looking for food just come here to taste their award winning wines. Read more and get directions at our review.
  • Banner Elk Winery and The Villa - Out of the three wineries near Boone this is definitely the most up-scale. This is a beautiful place. It serves as a winery where you will find gold and double gold medal winning wines, there’s a villa with immaculate rooms for lodging. There’s views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There’s also a great spa located within. This is also serves as a great wedding venue. Read more.

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Wineries near Morganton NC

If you’re visiting Morganton, NC and interested in learning about the outstanding wineries nearby then you are on the right page. From the map below you can see there are 9 different wineries located near the town of Morganton. These are all located within a 20 minute drive from the city, the majority are much closer.

And depending on how far you are will to drive there are probably 7 or 8 more wineries within a 45 minute drive. These other wineries are not pictured on the map but you will find a list toward the bottom of the page.

Wineries Morganton NC

Find a list of these wineries you see on the map below. You will find the name of each establishment a very brief review along with their address’. If you would like a more complete review of any of these you can click through to read their full review located on a separate page.  You will also be able to obtain driving directions from your specific address on these individual review pages.

List of Wineries in and Near Morganton

They are listed from closest to furthest away. All are within 20 miles most are much closer.

Silver Fork Vineyard & Winery

This one is located right in town. It offers great mountain views and fabulous Bordeaux-style white and red wines, s well as many other wines.

Address: 5000 Patton Road Morganton, NC 28655 Phone: 828-391-8783

Lake James Cellars

Located in the foothills this winery buys grapes from many different North Carolina vineyards to produce their wines. There’s a terrific little gift shop with all kinds of handmade items.

Address: 204 East Main St. Glen Alpine, NC 28628 Phone: 828-584-4551

Waldensian Heritage Wines

With over 150 years of wine making experience Waldensian produces many unique wines to choose from. They also can provide you with a in-depth tour and information to their special wine making process

Address: 4940 Villar Ln. N.E. Valdese, NC 28690 Phone: (828) 879-3202

South Creek Vineyards and Winery

A great boutique winery located in the country. Very beautiful setting and many different reds and whites to choose from. Great place for wine tasting.

Address: 2240 South Creek Road Nebo, NC 28761 Phone:(828) 652-5729

Six Waterpots Vineyard & Winery
Address: 4040 James Dr.Hudson, NC 28638 Phone:(828) 728-5099

Raintree Cellars Winery
Address: 521-E US Hwy 70 East Hildebran, NC 28637 Phone: (828) 397-5643

Carolina Mist Winery

Located in the city of Lenoir just a short drive northeast of Morganton. This winery produces wines in small batches.

Address: 118 Main St.Lenoir, NC 28645 Phone: (828) 754-4660

Ginger Creek Vineyards
Address:858 John Cline Road Taylorsville, NC 28681 Phone: (828) 312-4362

Linville Falls Winery

A family owned and operated winery that has produced many different award winning wines. Located in the mountains. Wines wines are good and the visual experience of the mountains is unforgettable.

Address: 9557 Linville Falls Hwy Newland, NC 28657 Phone: 828-765-1400

The other NC wineries

There are the ones that are a little further away from Morganton, NC. Probably 30-45 minute drives for most of these. You can click through and read the reviews of each of these and also get your driving directions.






Visit Elkin NC Wineries

Elkin, NC a picturesque small town located in the beautiful Yadkin Valley Region of North Carolina. This is a great place to visit for many reasons. And one of these reasons is the abundance of wineries.

If you’re interested in learning more about these wineries and there locations in and near Elkin then you’re on the right page.

Did you know? The Yadkin Valley Region is both North Carolina’s largest wine region and also a nationally recognized wine region.

How many wineries are located Near Elkin NC?

There’s actually only 4 or 5 wineries located within the city limits of Elkin: Brushy Mountain Winery, Slightly Askew Winery, Elkin Creek Vineyard & Winery and Carolina Heritage Vineyard & Winery. That’s actually 4 not 5. And all four of these are good wineries with something unique to offer you.

But don’t limit yourself. If you take a look at the map below you will see 28 different wineries are actually located within a decent driving distance, 10 to 20 miles from the city of Elkin. This is a great place to be if you love wine and visiting wineries. Many people refer to the Yadkin Valley Wine Region of North Carolina as being the Napa Valley of the East Coast.

Below the image you will find mention of a few of these wineries and also links to more in-depth reviews of each.

Elkin NC Wineries

List of Wineries near Elkin, NC

Brushy Mountain Winery - This winery is located in downtown Elkin. If you’re a person wanting to gaze out at beautiful grape vineyards then this probably isn’t the place for you. This establishment is inside a brick building and serves as more of a gathering place in the downtown area. Inside you will definitely find a friendly atmosphere and some very good wines. Read our review

Address:  125 W Main St, Elkin, NC 28621

Slightly Askew Winery – This is also not a winery located on a huge vineyard estate. It’s located just a few minuted from the downtown area. They make all their wines on-site and have close to 30 different wines to choose from. Reds, Whites, Fruity, Sweet and dry wines. Hey!!! If you are considering visiting Elkin, NC this winery does have a vacation house you may want to check out. The inside looks awesome!!!

Read our review

Address: 913 N Bridge St, Elkin, NC 28621

Elkin Creek Vineyard & Winery – Unlike the two city wineries mentioned above, Elkin Creek Vineyard is located on a beautiful vineyard. If oyu are looking for a special place to visit, this is a cozy place that has a lot to offer. They offer a nice range of wines, you are free to walk around the land and enjoy the beauty of nature, there’s a stone oven inside where they make delicious pizza. The dining is a very nice experience.

And they also have cabins that you can rent. Overall this is a great place to visit. Have a look at their cabins.

Read our review 

Address: 318 Elkin Creek Mill Rd, Elkin, NC 28621

Carolina Heritage Vineyard & Winery – A great place to visit if you like “Wines and Music”. There’s a fairly wide selection of different wines here and the overall quality is considered to be excellent by most everyone who has visited.  This does sit on a vineyard that is very well manicured and beautiful. If you are looking for the perfect place in Elkin, NC to host a special event they do Birthdays, Weddings, Reunions, etc. Visit there events page for more information

Read the review of this NC Vineyard

Address: 170 Heritage Vines Way, (on Highway 268 – 3 miles east of Elkin, NC), Elkin, NC 28621

Other wineries near Elkin, NC

The map at the top of the page showed there are 28 different wineries within a short driving distance from Elkin. Rather than listing all 28 on this page you can visit our Yadkin Valley Winery page. This page lists all the different choices and links to reviews.

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Best Restaurants – Raleigh, NC

In the city of Raleigh, NC and nearby in the surrounding area you will find hundreds of restaurants that serve wide range of different types of food. Some not so good. But many great places to eat.  Use this page as a guide to find the best. Find a list of the best in the different categories below.

In Raleigh you will find just about every different type of restaurant you can think of and then probably many types you have never thought of.

  • We only review the highest rated restaurants in the area.
  • We will try to give you at least the top 3 restaurants in the different categories
  • Scroll down the page to find the type of restaurant you are interested in dinning at.
  • When you find a restaurant that interests you you can click through the link to that restaurants review to get driving directions and to learn more bout that dining establishment

Best Restaurants – Raleigh, NC and the nearby area

Top Steakhouses

  • The Angus Barn
  • Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse
  • Mandolin
  • Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar
  • Sullivan’s Steakhouse
  • Vinnie’s Steak House & Tavern
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • 1705 Prime Chophouse

Mediterranean Restaurants

  • Baba Ghannouj Mediterranean Bistro
  • Charlie’s Kabob Grill
  • Zaky Mediterranean Express
  • Neomonde Bakery & Deli
  • Shish Kabob
  • Tarbouch
  • Alexander Mediterranean Cuisine
  • Zoes Kitchen
  • Taza Grill
  • Jasmin Mediterranean Bistro
  • Kabobi
  • Brookside Market & Deli

Greek Foods

Seafood in Raleigh

  • Rock Harbor Grill
  • Skipper’s Fish Fry
  • Saltwater Seafood & Fry Shack
  • 42nd Street Oyster Bar & Seafood Grill
  • Bonefish Grill
  • Maré
  • Dean’s Seafood Grill and Bar
  • Knightdale Seafood & BBQ
  • Bruno Restaurant
  • Rey’s Restaurant

Sushi Bars

Recommended Fine Dining

Cajun Restaurants

Traditional American Food

The Best Burger Joints in the city

BBQ in Raleigh, NC

You need to go to these Delis

Hungry for Chicken wings and Beer

Order Pizza from these places


Pierogies and Polish

Mexican Restaurants

Chinese Food

Japanese Food

Korean Restaurants

Thai Food

  • Tangerine Cafe
  • C&T Wok
  • Sushi Thai Cary
  • Bangkok Thai
  • Thai Cafe
  • Thaiphoon Bistro
  • Rainbow King
  • Sawasdee Thai Restaurant
  • Spize Cafe
  • Thai House Cuisine
  • Thai Villa
  • Lemongrass Thai Restaurant
  • Thai Spices and Sushi

Vietnamese Restaurants in Raleigh 

Are you a Vegetarian

  • Irregardless Café & Catering
  • The Remedy Diner
  • The Fiction Kitchen
  • Aladdin’s Eatery
  • Udupi Cafe
  • Tower Indian Restaurant
  • Sweet Tomatoes


Go to these for Indian Food

The top Italian Restaurants in Raleigh

The best restaurants for Soups

Looking for a great Breakfast or Brunch

Looking for a Buffets

Soul Food

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The Best Breakfast Restaurants Winston Salem NC 2013

Do you love the smell of bacon and eggs in the morning? The smell of fresh coffee? How about pancakes on the griddle? If this sounds like you then take a look at our 2013 list of the best restaurants for breakfast in Winston Salem below. I always loved getting up early and going out to breakfast with my dad

The restaurant choices found below are rated based on the quality of food, menu choices, value, service and atmosphere. 

Special Note: Restaurants do go out of business, some come under new management and there are countless other possible reasons why a restaurant could go downhill from one year to the next. Maybe they decreased their portion size…

So when looking at our list of best breakfasts in Winston-Salem realize this is for the current year 2013.

1st place goes to!!!!

Mary’s Gourmet Diner (formerly known as Breakfast of Course and Mary’s of Course). We are not exactly sure why they keep changing the name but the one thing that hasn’t changed is the quality of food. This is the place you need to eat at. Everything is made from scratch, the menu is huge and the prices are decent.

Address: 723 Trade Street Winston-Salem, NC, 27101. View Mary’s Breakfast Menu

Use the map for directions. Click on the word directions in the box.


2nd Place goes to????

Cloverdale Kitchen – A home style restaurant that serves food just like mom made it. The food is great and the prices are even better. Two pancakes, two eggs and  side of meat for $5. You really can’t beat that. The place also serves up some very good and large omelets.

They start serving breakfast at 6 AM. Get your directions to the Cloverdal Kitchen on the map below.

Address: 2251 Cloverdale Ave, Winston-Salem, NC 27103

Third place restaurant???

There are definitely many good restaurant choices to get breakfast specials in Winston-Salem, NC  but for third place we had to go with…

Screaming Rooster –  very homie place with a great brunch menu. The prices could be lower but its not all too expensive. They strt serving breakfast at 9 M take a look at their menu

Address: 301 Brookstown Ave. Winston-Salem, NC

If you need directions to this restaurant  just click on the link that says directions on the map below.


 Honorable Mention

Midtown Cafe in Winston-Salem - This very easily could have been rated #1 on our list we just had too many to great places to choose from. If you love different and unique types of pancakes for breakfast then you need to check out the menu. The granola banana pancakes are awesome!!!

See the menu

 Address: 151 S Stratford Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27104

Mellow Mushroom in Winston-Salem

If you’re new to Winston-Salem or visiting and one night you happen to find your taste buds craving a great pizza and a large selection of draft and bottle beers then you need to consider checking out Mellow Mushroom in Winston-Salem. This place has been around since 1974 and has become a local favorite for pizza and beer and more!!!

Hours: Mon-Wed and Sun 11 am – 10 pm
Thu 11 am – 11 pm
Fri-Sat 11 am – 12 am

Address: 314 W 4th St Winston-Salem, NC 27113 Phone: (336) 245-2820

The place has a ton of specialty pizzas with unique and fun names ready to order. Rather than list all their different specialty pizzas, you can check their list out here.

If you would rather build your own pizza there’s a ton of toppings to choose from.

The Mellow Mushroom is not only a place for great pizza in Winston-Salem. You will also find a selection of salads, calzones, a huge selection of different hoagies, and  munchies menu.  There’s also a kid’s menu. The kids love the mac and cheese, meatballs and pizza here.

The bar at Mellow Mushroom

This is a family place but also doubles as a full bar!!! Here you are going to find at least 40 different beers on tap and more in the bottle. This is a great place to visit with friends in Winston-Salem on the weekend to sip down some cold beers  .

About Mellow Mushroom

This pizzeria has been serving the Winston-Salem, NC area since 1974 and in this time has become an extremely popular gather place for pizza and also beer lovers.

If you are looking for pizza delivery in Winston-Salem… We can not say for sure but to our most current knowledge Mellow Mushroom does not offer delivery. But you will find the address and phone number and also the hours they are open below. Mellow Mushroom does make great so pizza so you may want to give them a call to ask if they have started delivering. You could always call and order for pick-up if you would rather enjoy your pizza at home.

Find more great restaurants in Winston-Salem.