15 inch Wine Cooler for Undercounter

Our site is primary concerned with reviewing wineries in the state of North Carolina, through this process we have also learned quite a bit about the best wine accessories to buy. Here we want to share with you what people say are the best 15 inch wine coolers for undercounter.

There are models exactly 15 inches wide, there are other models, plus or minus 1/4 or 1/2 of an inch.

We will list the best 15 inch wine coolers but in case your only using 15 inches as a ballpark measurement for under the counter, we will also list a couple which are slightly smaller and also wider.

Exactly 15 inches for Undercounter:

EdgeStar Built-In 30 Bottle Wine Cooler -  Spending time talking with patrons of wineries, you realized quickly these are highly opinionated but also knowledge people.

15 inch win cooler undercounter review

Stores 30 standard 750 ml wine bottles

Ten people say a product is fantastic then there will always be one or two who tell you the product is complete crap.

Through all the chaos and personalities, we can only faithfully recommend one 15 inch model, the EdgeStar Built-In 30 Bottle Wine Cooler.

Very nice looking cooler with an easy install, read what current customers say, good vs bad.


See the Best Price and Read Customer Reviews

Haier 26 Bottle Built-In or Freestanding Wine Cellar

Haier 15 inch wine cooler for sale

Priced under $550

This wine cooler is 14.9 inches wide, 22.1 in depth, 34.2 inches in height and weighs 84 pounds. And holds up to 26 standard 750 ml wine bottles.

The exterior is black (metal), the inside has five sliding chrome racks trimmed with wood.

We have heard positive remarks about this cooler from people we have spoken to and also read positive online reviews.  One of our favorite wineries to visit in North Carolina uses this model under their wine bar.

Before you make a purchase its recommended you take the time to read both the positive and negative remarks left by current owners, as well as questions asked and answer.

Read What other say about this Haier model


Best under counter wine cooler under 15 inches

Quality for Under $300

At 13.6 inches wide, this model is a bit slimmer than 15 inches but it’s a great buy.

Has received extremely high ratings from customers and at $265 the price is right!!!

You will be hard-pressed to find a less expensive undercounter wine cooler which such high customer approval.

Questions about how loud is the unit is a question many people ask. Overall, customers have zero complaints on the level of noise the unit makes.


See the Best Price and Read what current owners say

Whynter 20 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler with Black Tinted Mirror

Under $200

Whynter 20 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

A nice looking and highly rated model for under the counter. It’s 16 inches wide so…

If you need a wine cooler exactly 15 inches wide this might not work for you. However, we did want to include it in our choices for the best in the size category.

We love the black tinted mirrored glass look and also the low price!

Great Price and Great Reviews from Owners

Are these the Best

If you visit a site such as Amazon to buy a wine cooler you will notice there are not many models which have received high overall ratings.

One of the biggest things we have learned about avid wine drinkers is they are highly opinionated and very critical not only about their wines but also about wine accessories.

But they are also highly informative.  So make sure you read over what they say in their reviews at sites such as Amazon you will learn a lot.

The four models listed above we do believe very good choices for 15 inch undercounter wine coolers.

For more information on different models and what to look when when buying visit are buyers guide.

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