North Carolina Wineries


North Carolina Wineries

Find the best NC wineries near you!!!

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With over 100 different wineries in North Carolina, finding the best winery to match your specific desires and tastes can be difficult. This difficulty can be further compounded if you’re only visiting the state. If vacationing  and searching for a great winery this site should be of great help to you.

We provide unbiased reviews of each winery located in the state, based on four important criteria: Wines, Food, Entertainment and Atmosphere. We also provide a map in each review that you can use to get driving directions based on your specific location.

North Carolina Wineries

Wineries near Raleigh NC

Wineries near Charlotte NC

Wineries near Asheville

Wineries near Winston-Salem

Piedmont Wineries

Wineries in the North Carolina mountains

Coastal Wineries

Haw River Valley Wineries

Yadkin Valley/Swan Creek Wineries


If a winery offers extra features, such as: Weddings, private parties or tours, then we also rate these services in a miscellaneous category.

The Best Wineries in the State?

Is there a hands down best winery? Well, of course a handful of North Carolina wineries are the most popular, bringing in the most visitors. A few good examples of these would be: Biltmore Estate, Chatham Hill winery, Childress vineyards, Duplin, Shelton vineyardsWestbend vineyards.

But are these really the best North Carolina wineries?

The N.C wineries listed above are in fact very good wineries. But may not matched your specific tastes and desires. They also may not be located near your current location.

We believed there are many wineries in North Carolina that are hidden gems.  We want to help you find these hidden gems.

Th are winery reviews we hope we can help you find the winery that best suits your individual tastes and also convenient for you to visit based on your current location.

North Carolina wine

This state is not very well know for its wines. But hopefully that will change as more and more people will become familiar and enjoy a glass of this state’s wines.

The wine industry here has been growing at a rapid pace since the year 2000. The number of wineries in this time has quadrupled from 25 wineries to over 100. There are over 300 different vineyards in the state and in total over 500,000 gallons of wine is produced annually.

This state has very rich soils and mild climates, the land here is perfect for growing many different species of grapes from European species to native muscadines and many other wine fruits.

The winemakers at these wineries are producing wines of superior flavor. Hopefully the rest of the country and world will become more and more familiar with these wines


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